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500px Website Status History The above graph displays service status activity for 500px.com over the last 10 automatic checks. The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. If no bar is displayed for a specific time it means that the service was down and the site was offline When the vcg.me site (now rebranded 500px.me) was discovered last week it became apparent that there could be some major issues with the move into China - an entirely new Chinese site written in Chinese and hosted in China. 500px support confirmed with users asking for an explanation that indeed this was a 500px website A 500px Editor flagged this file for technical problems. This may have been caused when the file was processed and over-sharpened. Unnecessary noise was created in the sky and the highlights, as seen in the waves. This image was pushed too far, creating overblown highlights and loss of detail 安全问题外部常见问题 - 中文(简体). Проблема безопасности Февраль 2019: часто задаваемые вопросы - Pусский. 보안 문제 2 월 2019 : FAQ - 한국어. Problem bezpieczeństwa luty 2019: FAQ - Polski. Número de seguridad Febrero de 2019: Preguntas frecuentes - Español

500px PROBLEMS! - Project News. 500px PROBLEMS! 50 0px is a website and a app for photographers to upload their photos to. This is a great tool for photographers to show their photos all in one place. I love using this app before when they had more of a dark UI look but now they have changed it to look more white and nicer to the eye 500px might claim that the counter-balance to the V+F brigade is the 'Dislike' button. This only appears on your account once you've uploaded a certain number of images and have gained enough 'Affection' points - The concept of 500px is fatally flawed by hardcoding exposure to popularity. The website is basically a popularity contest. You comment on as many photos as you can, like as many photos as you can and follow as many people as you can so they return the favour and boost your views. And this brings me to 500px Help / 500px. Limited time only: Get Pro member benefits for $95.9/year. Access Stats, Priority Directory listing and more! Upgrade now. 500px

500px is a photography community where you can get immediate exposure with your first upload, connect and share your photos with the world, and grow as a photographer from anywher In the same theme of my Instagram account, I opened one at 500px.com out of curiosity where I process and upload photos from the beginning of my photography... Thanks to a series of dubious business decisions, for photographers, 500px is no longer the household name it once was. From their failed attempts at a mobile app, to this weird thing, to their.. I enjoyed 500px years ago, As a long time user, here are what I see as their main problems. An Unclear Purpose. To put it simply: Flickr has an identity problem. They want to label themselves. 500px is a fast moving environment. In the time it took me to write this article, I sold yet another photo. So now, my revenue stands at a pretty cool $1,627.50 for just a few minutes of work

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Nicolas Hoizey @nhoizey. @500px you should let us do curation, like collections in Flickr. Could even be used for Editors selections. 1 08:42 AM · Sep 4, 2015. And they did it after a while: Galleries: An Exciting New Way to Use and Experience 500px. Unfortunately, 500px soon removed the action of favoriting a photograph, migrated the. In what is not the first instance of its kind, 500px has banned a user whose work the photo-sharing site decided wasn't photography enough. The decision is even more surprising given that. 500px Photo: 500px Canadian company 500px is actually more for professional photographers than your average snap-and-save picture taker. It offers pros a place to store, exhibit, and license their.

It's okay to include cars in your stock photos, but be conscientious and deliberate about it. Among the most common intellectual property issues we see are license plates on cars and ID numbers on boats or other vehicles, the 500px Content Team explains. These all need to be removed before the image can be licensed. The Problem 500px builds mobile applications on two platforms: Android and iOS. Both of these platforms have different style guides and general flows, but the strings they use overlap significantly. We wanted to simplify and unify these to reduce duplication of effort, make app localization easier, and reduce translation costs tło motywu i 500px problem. Przypnij . Zablokuj . nie przynosi skutku i rozkladam rece. w Trybie incognito dziala tło jednak w normalnym jest czarne wszsytko. ikonka 500px ktora przenosi mnie do poprzedniego tla jest caly czas widoczna na nowej karcie jednak gdziekolwiek nie szukalem w google chrome czegokolwiek zwiazanego z 500px nie.

One click image download from 500px.com! Simple click on image that you like and then click this extension button. It will download image and name it whatever the title is in 500px.com. Updated the extension, now you will see download button in bottom right corner of every image Here are five common pitfalls and ideas on how to turn them into opportunities to strengthen PBL in classrooms. 1. Lack of a Real-World Connection. Powerful PBL connects students with real-world learning around challenging questions. When PBL lacks the real-world connection, it can feel contrived and can lose the power to motivate students to.

Joining 500px as Analytics Lead was a quick decision. I saw an amazing opportunity that most analysts would drool over — the chance to build an analytics function from the ground up at start-up. 500px 'Prime' is a licensing marketplace with 30% cut for photographers. Photo-sharing site 500px has followed Flickr into the photo-licensing market by announcing 'Prime' - a licensing service that it is describing as 'the world's most intelligent marketplace'. Fees will start at $250 and interestingly, the company is also claiming that the. I think that the problem is that 500px API is quite picky with the parameters it accepts. In this case you are adding more parameters to the 500px api) and disregard whatever thing the API documentation itself says, there are errors in it. On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 12:16 AM,. 500px, the popular photo-sharing app, has been pulled from the iOS App Store. According to TechCrunch, the app, along with its partner ISO500, were pulled because of disagreement over an updated..

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The new service comes as part of 500px's Pro tier subscription. It usually costs $9.99 per month (or $71.88 annually), but is on sale at the moment for $5.99 a month. The portfolio feature ties directly into a 500 PX account, so users can easily import photos from their libraries into the design. The websites don't require any coding Internet Explorer has found a problem with this website's security certificate. Internet Explorer found a problem with a certificate that doesn't match any other errors. It could be because a certificate has been damaged, tampered with, written in an unknown format, or is unreadable. You shouldn't trust the identity of the site if a certificate. 40s, Large Labia, Submission. I have always known my labia was different even at an early age. It never really bothered me until now. I am 37. My husband of 13yrs is obsessed with the camel toe. I, unfortunately have never had a camel toe bc of the larger inner lips. It has made me become self conscious especially Treating pediatric feeding problems, one bite at a time Pediatric feeding problems are complex and often require a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and treatment. The Behavioral InTEgrated with Speech approach, known as BITES®, focuses specifically on how cross-disciplinary collaboration among speech-language pathologists (SLPS) and Psychologists and/or Board Certified Behavior.

Termination of 500px Service Availability. Due to the expiration of the contract between the Service Provider and Sony, the 500px service will be terminated. The 500px service will be removed from affected TV Models and will not be accessible after June 14, 2018. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience Facebook's new Page Plugin width ranges from 180px to 500px as per the documentation.If configured below 180px it would enforce a minimum width of 180px; If configured above 500px it would enforce a maximum width of 500px; With Adaptive Width checked, ex:. Unlike like-box, this plugin enforces its limits by sticking to the boundary values if mis-configured Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut Make sure to check out the most common health problems in popular dog breeds to see if there's anything you can do to protect your pup. Vojta Stehlik/500px/Getty Images

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  1. Download the image from 500px.com wit just one click! One click image download for 500px.com! Simply click the extension button to download. Or use the Download button on screen. We have a well built and super cool HD image downloader for Android as well
  2. The first reason is so I can get the closest approximation to how my image will look on my computer, getting it as close to what I want as possible. The second reason is because it affects the histogram when I view that on my camera's screen. Which brings us to the third point. 3. Read your histogram
  3. For example, if you have a 500px x 500px image and a 100px x 350px container, then your background image will be resized to 350px x 350px. Please refer to the examples below for a visual representation of this. Conclusion. Getting images right is a crucial part of a visually interesting and fast loading website. And there's a learning curve.
  4. 500px Application. Hi Folks ! Do you own a 500px account? If Statsr.net is a Flickr app we are proud to launch today our very first 500px app: 500Friends This really simple app helps you find new friends and photographers that you'll love on 500px, so if you have a 500px account : Try it now
  5. The Winnebago Revel is a breakthrough in the vanlife world. The company's first 4x4 Sprinter van conversion is nearly everything an avid outdoorsman could want, myself and husband included. From the beautiful cabinetry to bed on a lift, Winnebago thought not only about keeping things classy, but also ensuring its users can haul any gear Winnebago Revel Review: 6 Owners Tell All Read

Popular today on 500px in the landscapes category. All of this would not be a problem and I could limit myself to bemoaning the lack of discernment of whomever put that slideshow together, but if. One of the most common household invaders, pavement ants are dark-brown to black in color, average 1/8-in. in length and, like most ants, are partial to sweet foods. Pavement ants are named for their propensity to build nests in or under cracks in sidewalks, cement patios and other masonry. They can sting but rarely do Since the global pandemic hit last year, many of us saw our photography derailed or even ground to a halt. As a result, we were confined to either refining our workflow, practicing editing with old photos or learning new skills instead of shooting.Whichever the case, if you're in the mood for more learning, the insights of French literary theorist and philosopher Roland Barthes on. Previously. I cofounded Algo Anywhere in 2011 with Adam Gravitis. Algo Anywhere commercialized a machine learning methodology I'd invented and we were ultimately acquired in 2012 by 500px, one of Canada's most celebrated startups.Though officially Chief Data Scientist at 500px, the unexpected departure of the 500px CTO left Adam and I to running all of engineering, until 500px landed. Update: Changed it to this but have the same problem. If I specify just the height it will maintain the aspect ratio but it exceeds the max width of 500px that i want. If I specify just the height it will maintain the aspect ratio but it exceeds the max width of 500px that i want

img { width: 500px; } For example, if you define a fixed width of 500px, your image won't be responsive - because the unit is absolute. img { width: 50%; } That's why you should instead assign a relative unit like 50%. This approach will make your images fluid and they will be able to resize themselves regardless of the screen size Update (Nov. 28/2011): As pointed out by Hans Christian Reinl, it's possible that there could be a performance hit when using transition: all.I haven't seen any official documentation to verify this, but this tweet by Simurai suggests the possiblity. I'll update this post if anything conclusive is found 500px: 183k visitors, 896.7k views; SmugMug: 99.5k visitors, 591k views; Zenfolio: 55.5k visitors, 275.5k views; IM Creator: 30.1k visitors, 88.1k views; We've included Flickr as a point of reference, but SmugMug vs Flickr isn't really a fair comparison. SmugMug is a portfolio builder, while Flickr is a community photo feed Hi, I'm Chrissy If you're looking to connect with an honest, straightforward Online Marketer, Writer and Product Creator with integrity (in other words someone who won't BS you) then welcome to my website! Latest Blog Posts Check out my latest articles and news about what's h.

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Patterns and Algebraic Thinking. Introduction. Borders on a Square. Careful Use of Language in Mathematics: =. Growing Patterns. Matching Game. Structural and Procedural Algebra. Problem Bank. Place Value and Decimals translate3d () The translate3d () CSS function repositions an element in 3D space. Its result is a <transform-function> data type. This transformation is characterized by a three-dimensional vector. Its coordinates define how much the element moves in each direction

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Free online jigsaw puzzle gam Darius Dzinnik / 500px/500Px Plus/Getty Images However, the researchers also observed that red meat, like steaks, might actually have a protective effect against cognitive decline. 1 The problem seems to resolve when a 640×480 image is rendered. In snippet 2, the minimum width of 400px is greater than 500px which the aspect-ratio will set. Hence, min-width is ignored. A contrasting effect is seen while using the max-* property along with the aspect-ratio. For example, in the following code, aspect-ratio is ignored:. After sleeping on the problem, If we don't provide a height (in this case, 500px as a guess), fast scrolls will encounter bunched elements upon hitting the bottom, and content-visiblity: auto will respond by laying out all of the elements at once, which isn't what we want. Creating space means we are more likely to lay them out more. Flickr. Flickr is a completely free option powered by Yahoo and gives you 1TB of storage space for your photos. Flickr also supports photo and video capture as well as upload. For folks who won't remember to upload their photos at regular intervals, just set Flickr to back them up for you through the auto-upload feature

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With these options tested, the problem is likely the starter. How long will a bad starter last? If you can start the vehicle, you should not rely on a bad starter. If you turn the vehicle off, the faulty starter may not work again. The vehicle must be taken to an automotive repair shop or your garage if you cannot replace or repair the starter. David Zakariaie of Senseye shows Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville the ropes in a fixed-wing training simulator at the Capital Factory Aug. 23, 2018. WASHINGTON — U.S. Army Futures Command is laying the groundwork to strengthen collaboration with academia and small businesses to solve some of the service's most major problems Programs. Programs and Services. The Centralized Assessment Center is paramount to screening, assessing, and placing clients in the appropriate levels of interventions. The Harris County Residential Treatment Center is designed to serve clients who are in need of intensive, out of home placement to address a broad range of criminogenic needs. Next, we invert the problem by using X as target and y as feature and investigate whether our 2 layer fully connected network is able to approximate the target values. Performance on flipped data This is the best our model could do because it was confused by non-gaussian distribution of target values

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Armor 2.0 solved a specific problem, but created a new one. I really have enjoyed the slotted mod system, allowing for far, far greater customization than ever before as it's very easy to. theme #53: rivers by pirateskinned. ↳ check the source link for the preview + code. contained theme with 400px or 500px posts. sidebar with a large title with 10 different font options, an icon ( 100 x 100 ) and description. popup with an icon ( 100 x 100 ), about section, three progress bars and text area Aquant's Service Intelligence Platform empowers your service workers to identify accurate and cost-Efficient Solutions to business problems. Aquant learns your organization's unique service language and builds an AI driven decision making framework by analyzing your siloed and unstructured data. Elevate your workforce into superhuman customer. Construction Zones. Our Construction Coordination Division oversees the construction of the County's roadway improvement projects. Our Road and Bridge Division oversees the maintenance operations on the County's roadways. Report a Construction Zone Issue - please include a detailed description of the location and problem - photos can also be included to help identify the locatio

Welcome to Abermed Medics Online 1.4.1 Access to this system is restricted. Please log in to continue Rats, Bats, Birds, and Bugs. This program includes control of illness transmission from critters to humans. Primary concern are bats, rats, certain insects, dogs, and cats. If you have concerns about becoming ill from any of those critters, contact our office for further information at 360-867-2667 Hi mailman, i want to thank you for the example of OBJECT with a word doc that you posted here, it helped me resolve a similar problem. As for your problems, i found some solutions (tested in IE7) 1) The content is not centered in the page with the rest of the content. to center it, put the Object tag inside a table and center it Move to point (0,0) Draw Line to the point (width/2,height/2) Draw Line to the point (width/2,0) close the polygon. So, it'll draw the opposite line automatically. Now, We'll get two triangle. One is border, Another one is fill. My program draws triangle perfectly but, with border the triangle box size increases more than 500x500 size

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Header photo recommended dimensions are 1500px by 500px, which has an aspect ratio of 3:1. Photos can be in any of the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG. (Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images.) Twitter recommends that profile photos and banner image file sizes should be under 2MB. Here's the problem Rise 360: How to Fix Invalid Web Embed Code. Article Last Update Get help, more information or see our FAQs on our free surveys, membership or rewards. Find customer support for e-Rewards members 725 S. Figueroa St. Suit e 3400 Los Angeles, CA 90017 213-430-430 Located in the Tōhoku region of Honshu island, Yamagata Prefecture is a hidden gem with some of the most enchanting mountain scenery, hot springs and ancient temples

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jekyll-500px-embed End of Life. On June 15th, 2018 500px shut off their API. jekyll-500px-embed used the 500px API to retrieve information about a photo in order to render the embedded html and no longer functions without the API.. Installation. Copy 500px_tag.rb into your site's plugins directory.; Create a file containing a 500px API consumer key in the root directory of your site 500px is a well-designed and long-standing app accompaniment to the online photography community of the same name.The company's Chief Operating Officer Evgeny Tchebotarev said the iOS versions. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kate Cohen-Posey. 5.0 out of 5 stars Can't Just Stop reading Can't Just Stop. Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2017. Verified Purchase. Persons of my age generally do not have compulsions to check email or FB. But we do (at least I do) compulsively always have a. Wireless signal drops or loses internet connection. IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details. Choose the appropriate product category to troubleshoot your device

Feature: Removed 500px as a image provider as that source was deprecated a while ago. Fix: Properly handle downloading of images into WordPress, which makes this a lot safer and faster. Fix: Resolved the problem where images from the Meta Attachment were been generated with 0x0 size and breaking the attachment Using width, max-width and margin: auto; As mentioned in the previous chapter; a block-level element always takes up the full width available (stretches out to the left and right as far as it can) 222 people follow Marit van Dijk on Medium. Senthilkumar Gopal. Manage Seller Marketing at eBay.com. Love to code and solve hard problems 500px API provides programmatic access to 500px functionality and content. Version 1 of the API is limited to the essentials of the website's functionality: viewing feature streams, photo information and comments, as well as user profiles. The API is REST API and uses OAuth 1.0a for user authentication purposes

Clear cookies and cache. Sometimes problems loading websites can be fixed by clearing the cookies and cache. Click on the menu button to open the menu panel. Click the Library button on your toolbar. (If you don't see it, click the menu button, then click Library click the menu button.) Click History and select Clear Recent History.; In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, select Everything ‎500px is the premier community and social network for aspiring and practicing photographers. Over 15M creatives from 195 countries come to 500px to discover and share incredible photos and gain global exposure. Whether you're a hobbyist or seasoned pro, with 500px, you can get exposure in front o

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Justified Gallery is a JavaScript library that allows you to create an high quality justified gallery of images. This is a common problem for people who create websites: you have a series of images to display, but you are not sure how to arrange them in an elegant way. Important websites such as 500px, Flickr, or Google display images in an excellent way, justifying them similarly to brick wall Programs. The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department has four regional reporting sites that offer a variety of services to supervise clients. Client assignments to the locations are generally based on their residence zip code and include felons, misdemeanants and those being supervised for other counties and states Social and behavior problems (such as not making eye contact, anxiety, trouble paying attention, hand flapping, acting and speaking without thinking, and being very active). Males who have FXS usually have some degree of intellectual disability that can range from mild to severe. Females with FXS can have normal intelligence or some degree of.

Businesses, Individuals, Press Releases, Tax Pro: 2021: 4/1/2021: 2020 Wisconsin Tax Return Due Dates and Payment Reporting Templates and Contract-Related Documents. 2019-21 Service Element Reporting Requirements. The following table lists the reporting requirements for each Service Element (SE) currently funded in Financial Assistance Agreements with the Oregon Health Authority Sago Mini School is a new learning platform created with child development experts that builds early reading, math, sciences and problem solving through holistic, child-led activities. Ready to start learning through play

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Incorporates System of Care values, developmental science and trauma informed approaches, and Champions effective and efficient statewide behavioral health services, support and safety for Oregon's children, young adults and their families. Elevating behavioral health for children and families has. Toronto photo-sharing startup 500px is reporting today that both of its applications, 500px for iOS and its recent acquisition ISO500, have been pulled from the Apple App Store due to concerns. Prevent problems before they start. Grow Smart, Grow Safe techniques emphasize the prevention of common pests and weeds. When you do have a problem, think twice before using pesticides. To choose the safest products check out the Grow Smart, Grow Safe website. Practice natural lawn care. Common Sense Gardening Publication

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