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New Drawing: Ctrl+S: Save drawing: Ctrl+O: Open drawing: Ctrl+P: Plot dialog box: Ctrl+Tab: Switch to next: Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Switch to previous drawing: Ctrl+Page Up: Switch to previous tab in current drawing: Ctrl+Page Down: Switch to next tab in current drawing: Ctrl+Q: Exit: Ctrl+Shift+S: Save drawing a For USA Visitors - Don't Miss-- AutoCAD Product https://amzn.to/2MBADGpFor Indian Visitor -- Don't Miss--AutoCAD Product https://amzn.to/2XFokKmFor UK Visito.. This AutoCAD 2016 tutorial is show you how to turn off start tab and file tab if it annoying you when open and also draw in window area, check it out!!!More.

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Open Windows Explorer and in Tools, Folder options, File types tab select DWG - AutoCAD Drawing. Click on Details, select AutoCAD open in the list and click the 'Modify...' button. Now check 'Use DDE' if you want to open DWGs in a single session or uncheck it for multiple sessions. When Use DDE is selected, the DDE Message should be set to. Print all .dwg files in a specified directory in the console. Open an instance of AutoCAD. For every .dwg file in said directory open a drawing in a new tab. (If i have an instance of AutoCAD open it automatically opens tabs when double clicking a .dwg file) The code i wrote now: import os import subprocess autocadPath = r'C:\Program Files.

Here you see the new AutoCAD 2013 with the Drawing Tabs App loaded and showing tabs for open drawings. When you right-click context menu on the drawing tab you get options: Create New drawing. Save drawing in the selected tab. Save As drawing. Save All drawings. Close the drawing in the selected tab The selected files will highlight then select Open. All of the selected drawings will open in their own file tab. Add almost any AutoCAD command located in the Ribbon quickly to the Quick Access Toolbar with a Right Click of the mouse. *This is a great option for highly used commands / features which will help save you time

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How To Restore Lost Save As, Open, New & Save Dialog Box In AutoCAD2017.. Somehow users lost file dialog box in AutoCAD. For example, users want to save the file but the dialog box doesn't appear Choose Paste. You'll see your new panel show up under your new tab. Congratulations. You've just customized AutoCAD LT and they said it couldn't be done! How to Add a Ribbon Tab to a Workspace. New ribbon tabs are not automatically added to a Workspace, so there's one more step to being able to use your new tab and panel This will start AutoCAD with no Drawing open or use a Custom Dialog if specified. The name of the Variable is Startup and here... IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog Solution Center on the Files tab. 1 = Starts without opening a drawing template file, and displays the Startup or the Create New Drawing dialog box

** AutoCAD Productivity Training Webinar Available Now: https://gumroad.com/l/oPLLa ** Download AutoCAD Titleblock/Layout Templates: http://cadintentions.com.. From Autocad help: taskbar. Enter new value for Taskbar <0>: Enter 1 to display multiple open drawings as separate items on the Windows taskbar. The default setting, 0, displays only the name of the current drawing on the Windows taskbar. Tom Beauford P.S.M. - Civil 2020 on Windows 10 Enterprise

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  1. Options to access the application Commands. New Spatial Manager tab in the AutoCAD Ribbon (if the Ribbon is available) New Spatial Manager Toolbar. New Spatial Manager drop-down Menu. Click on the Show Palette button to open the SPATIALMANAGER palette, which includes the main functions of Spatial Managerâ„¢ for AutoCAD
  2. istrator in the compatibility tab of following files. C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\acad.exe
  3. AutoCAD: Single or Multiple Windows. You might want to keep all open files in a single window or have multiple ones. There is a system variable to tweak this. The system variable TASKBAR allows us to control if all files show in a single window or on multiple one on the windows task bar. Setting it to 0 will make all files to show on a single.
  4. A new user was added to the computer. Again being a profile-specific setting, each new user must integrate 2020 Cap to load for the first time. A supported version of AutoCAD was installed after the initial 2020 Cap software installation; Automatic Integration 1. Fully close and exit AutoCAD. 2. Open 2020 Worksheet. 3
  5. How to open programs in new tab from start. Example... when clicking google, google comes up, click it again and I get the same google page. Before I could click Google, click it again and a new tab with google would come up, something happened to where that is not the case anymore

Open Windows Explorer, browse to the folder, and verify that the SHX font is in that folder.If the font is not present: Place a copy of it in the folder. Close and reopen AutoCAD.If the font is present: Right-click the folder in Windows Explorer. Select Properties. Check if the folder is set to Read-Only In this section you will work with multiple viewports in Paper Space instead of just the default single viewport you get when you open the Layout tab. This first exercise shows you how to create three new viewports at once. 1. Right-click the Draw or Modify toolbar, and select Viewports to open the Viewports toolbar. You'll use this toolbar a. To open the Options dialog box, type OP in the command line, or right-click in space (without anything selected), and choose Options from the right-click shortcut menu. The AutoCAD Options dialog box contains 10 tabs, and is organized into categories to aid you in finding a setting. If you are using Civil 3D or specialized toolsets, such as the. Follow these steps: Click the desired layout tab. Click the Layout tab of the Ribbon menu. The Layout tab appears on the Ribbon only when AutoCAD is in layout mode. In the Layout panel, click Page Setup. The PAGESETUP command starts, and displays the Page Setup Manager dialog box. Click New 1. Open your project in AutoCAD. 2. Click the Insert tab. 3. Click Set Location. 4. Click From Map. 5. Search for your location. 6. Right-click and select Drop Marker Here. 7. Click Next. 8. Set the coordinate system. 9. Click Next and click your AutoCAD drawing space. 10. Designate the North direction

In the new version of AutoCAD, users need to type REFEDIT in the command line for editing a block. Which takes the time during work in AutoCAD. How to restore block editor in the new version of AutoCAD, follows as given in below pictures. 1. Type CUI in the command line to open Customize User Interface dialog box as shown in pic-1. pic-1. 2 1. Launch the version of AutoCAD with the custom Tab that you want to transfer, then open the CUI. 2. On the Customize tab, navigate to your custom tab—hopefully under Partial Customization Files >CUSTOM—then right-click on your tab and click Copy. 3. Click the Transfer tab. [The next couple steps are, curiously, necessary. In the AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT application, create a new drawing. At the Command prompt, enter startup. At the Enter new value for STARTUP <3>: prompt, enter 0. If you are using AutoCAD or an AutoCAD-based product, on the status bar, click Workspace Switching > 3D Basics to set the 3D Basic workspace current To create a new command in the CUI, begin by clicking the Manage tab of the ribbon, Customization panel, then User Interface. In the CUI Editor, Customize tab, Command List pane, select Create a New Command (see Figure 6). This will display a new command, named Command1, in both the Command List pane and the Properties pane

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1 Answer. first start a new drawing. then go to the ribbon and select the insert tab, once the insert ribbon is open you will the import tab you can choose either import or STEP depending on how you have you ribbon set up. After that simply navigate to the folder your stp file is located in and pic the the file you want In AutoCAD 2011, Autodesk introduce contextual ribbon tab in AutoCAD for hatch creation and editing.Personally I think that is a good feature, if we have a good machine performance. But it can be very annoying when we have slower machine. So some of us want to bring the old hatch dialog back

The STARTUP system variable is not only let us to choose open AutoCAD with a startup dialog box, but also let us to start it without opening anything. Now we have new value. Snipped from the help file, now STARTUP system variable has these values: 0. Displays the Select Template dialog box, or uses a default drawing template file set in the. While that project used multiple files to set the layers for each plan a single file with multiple Layout tabs can serve the same purpose in AutoCAD 2000. ) . To create new Layout tabs, do the following. 1. Right-click any tab. 2. Select New Layout from the popup menu. A new tab is added to those that already exist 3. Click the new tab ProjectWise Commands in AutoCAD. Create a new ProjectWise document. Open a ProjectWise document. Save changes locally. Save a new copy of the current document to ProjectWise. Close AutoCAD. Open ProjectWise Session File Manager. Add a view from a DWG stored in ProjectWise to a sheet. Insert a block from ProjectWise 2. Create a new sheet in the sheet set manager. This will create a new drawing file (DWG) with an active layout tab. The sheet name in the sheet list is simply a shortcut to that layout in the DWG file. 3. Open the sheet, which is really opening the drawing file with that sheet layout active. 4. Add resource drawing views to the sheet layout

Open up any tool palette right click in the palette area and hit New Palette as shown. This will bring up a new blank palette in AutoCAD. Next, we need to get a command in there. There are a few ways to do this but in my experience type CUI at the command prompt and type the word delete (Step 1) AutoCAD File tabs give you an easy way to access all your open drawings. Organize them the way you want: File tabs display in the order they were opened, but you can easily drag and drop them to change the order. If you run out of room, an overflow menu will appear to the right. Get a preview image: Pass the cursor over a file tab to display. AutoCAD Tutorial Video. How to Change Default Save & Open folder location in AutoCAD. AutoCAD Settings: How to change default file save as format. How to Start AutoCAD without New Drawing 1. How to Remove Start Tab in AutoCAD 2018. How to Display Missing Dialog Box window New Saveas Open AutoCAD FILEDIA. How to Insert Field in Text in AutoCAD AutoCAD 2013: Paper Space Viewports. Posted on April 1, 2012 by AutoCAD Tips. With the new addition of the panel in the View tab that only pertains to Model Space viewports [ shown here ], you might want to know where to set your Paper Space viewports. In AutoCAD 2013, you now have a new tab on the ribbon called Layout (Shown below) 1. First, locate or download a Title Block template. There are some basic templates that are already included in the AutoCAD. As the good folks at AutoDesk Knowledge note, the Title Block templates are usually the template files starting with Tutorial-. 2. Open up a blank drawing and click on the Layout tab on the bottom left corner

You can use the Folders tab to navigate to the file you're mining from, or if you already have it open, you'll find it under the Open Drawings tab. That's actually my preferred method, as it's not as cluttered as the Folder List. Once you do access a drawing (.DWG), a standards file (.DWS), or a template (.DWT), it will appear in the. AutoCAD provides access to new features, improved workflows, versatile industry toolsets, and convenient options to connect in the field or on-the-go. Take your designs to the next level AutoCAD software helps you power your ideas with seamless workflows, specialized industry toolsets, and new automations 4. Immediately save the template as a new file so you don't overwrite the original. a. File > Save As b. Choose a file name that is relevant to your project in your own Z drive folder. 5. If you already have a dwg file drawn in AutoCAD, copy and paste everything in your original file to the copy of the template you made in Step 4. 6

If you closed Design Feed palettes and want to open it, you can find the command on ribbon> Autodesk 360 tab. Autodesk 360 tab was Online tab in AutoCAD 2013. Touch Screen. As you expected, AutoCAD 2014 now supports Windows 8. Windows 8 itself is optimized for touch screen. It makes sense that AutoCAD now also support touch screen devices At the bottom of the Visio window, right-click the page tab, and then click Page Setup. Click the Page Size tab. The Page Size tab sets the size of the drawing page in Visio. To make things easier, we recommend setting the Visio page size to match the AutoCAD page size. Under Pre-defined size, select the same page size that was set in AutoCAD

How to Customize the User Interface in AutoCAD LT. In a previous article we discussed customizing the ribbon in AutoCAD LT, and we focused on creating a new tab, a new panel, and populating it with some tools. There's a lot of other ways to customize both the ribbon and your user interface though If your drawing has saved views, you will see them in the Sheet Set Manager. Double click the view that you want to see. If the saved view is in the current drawing, it will zoom and center the view. If the file is not opened yet, AutoCAD will open it for you. Then show you the view How to save autocad file in pdf AutoCAD will now use C:Drawings as a default folder for SAVE and OPEN operations as long as the modified shortcut is used to start it. Keep in mind that AutoCAD still remembers the last-used folder. Browsing to a different folder at any time will cause AutoCAD to go back to that same folder the next time

In AutoCAD 2016, (+) icon will immediately create a new file (similar to QNEW). The Start tab will remains open at the left most tab. So now you can click the (+) icon to quickly create new file. And if you want more options, you can go to Start tab. There is a new command introduced with the Start tab: GOTOSTART Step 4: After this, just attempt to open the new file and you would be able to recover the unsaved AutoCAD file. - Save temporary files (.ac$) extension Step 1: First, you need to go to the path of the temporary file which may be labeled as C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp The new DWG Compare tools in AutoCAD 2019 enable you to easily identify differences between two revisions of any drawing. This is particularly helpful for quickly viewing changes, identifying clashes, reviewing constructability, and more. Let's see what this looks like in practice by considering these two versions of a floor plan This time we will create a new Page setup using the 'Plot' Dialog. Fire up the 'Plot' command (See AutoCAD Plotting: 101 if you need help with this). You will notice that we have a new option.The 'A0 PDF' Page setup we created earlier is now in the drop down list under 'Name'. We can create a new page set up right from this. The same tab that you are using will still be the active tab if you open a new drawing in the same session. When you open CAD for the first use of the day or a new CAD session, the Home Tab on the Ribbon will be the active one if you are in the model, and if you are on the layout tab the Layout Tab will be the active one on the Ribbon

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  1. Select the problematic file. AutoCAD will attempt to recover the file and open it. Open a blank DWG and run the INSERT command. Select the problematic file and see if it will insert. If it does, then run EXPLODE and select the inserted block. Run AUDIT and PURGE commands, and then use SAVEAS to create a new DWG
  2. AutoCAD saves files as .dwg or .dxf which can both be read by SketchUp. Admittedly, the import process is straightforward. To convert files from AutoCAD to SketchUp files follow these steps: - Open SketchUp, click File, and then Import. - Once the import box opens, select the file type for AutoCAD files (.dwg or .dxf)
  3. Autocad!! Opens Dimension Style Manager Dialogue Box #Short @Autocad Short_____I'm AKS SAEED AHMAD Dosto mera yeh.
  4. If you work with multiple open drawings at once, then file tabs are a must! Watch this video tip from Cadalyst and Lynn Allen to learn all the ins and outs of working with the File Tab feature that was added in AutoCAD 2014
  5. right-click on the desired layout and enter a new name in the Rename Layout dialogue box. When there are too many layout tabs to display at the same time you can click on the forward and back buttons to see more tabs. Practice tutorial: managing layout tabs in AutoCAD. 1- Continue from the previous exercise
  6. Free lesson how to create New Layouts From Scratch (or model) in AutoCAD. You can create a new layout from scratch by right-clicking on the Model or a Layout tab and picking New layout from a shortcut. Creating a New layout does NOT make it the current layout. and new layouts are not setup initially so when you select

I use the free Autodesk MDITabs that places a line of tabs on the screen for each open drawing. Then it is only 1 click to switch between drawings. A right click on the tab opens up a wealth of other commands such as Save, Save As, Close, etc. Google search for MDITabs18.arx to find a download of the file Once the drawing is uploaded navigate to drawings tab situated on left hand side of your screen. 6. Click on the drawing that you want to download in older version. 7. After selecting the drawings click on download button on top of screen than navigate to .dwg option and select your desired AutoCAD version. 8 File Tabs. File tabs provide access to all open documents in a minimal amount of space. Each open document has its own tab. Left-click on a tab to make it current, and right-click on a tab to access more options, such as Save and Close. There is always a tab containing a plus sign to open a new document using the QNEW command Commands buttons such as New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, Undo, Redo and Customization are located there. The AutoCAD Drawing tabs organize the drawing files that are currently open in the drawing window. The tabs are located in the upper left hand corner of the drawing screen. The tabs names are associated to the drawing file names There are two basic ways to use the split screen in AutoCAD. The first is when you have only one file open, and you want to have a close-up view of two separate areas. In this case you use the Viewport tool. In the ribbon, go View tab/Viewports panel/Two: vertical, for example. This gives you a view like this

Loading an AutoLISP (LSP) File. Here is how to load the Create-LSP-Tutorial.lsp file created under the Creating an AutoLISP (LSP) File section.. In AutoCAD, do one of the following: (Windows) On the ribbon, click Manage tab Applications panel Load Application. (Mac OS) On the Mac OS menu bar, click Tools Load Application. At the Command prompt, enter appload On the Structural Detailing tab of the Options dialog, for Reinforcement, click Search. In the Open dialog, select MyTemplate.dwt, and click Open. In the Options dialog, click OK. Close the program. 8 Proceed to the next exercise, Defining Formwork of a Beam. Defining Formwork of a Bea If you do not have any docked toolbars but your Ribbon is enabled, go to the View tab on the Ribbon and find the User Interface panel, then the Toolbars dropdown. Choose the toolbar you want here. Lastly, you can use the command line method, using the -TOOLBAR command (note the leading hyphen). When you use -TOOLBAR, you must know the exact. After opening a template once, if you open a new drawing from the Start tab or by clicking the + icon in the file tabs, AutoCAD will load the last-used template, which in this case is the template saved by you. To change the template to some other ready-made template,. File tabs provide an effective way to see and switch between open AutoCAD files. What occurs when you pick the plus (+) button to the right of the last file tab? Picking the plus (+) button to the right of the last file tab displays the Create page of the New Tab

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Step 1: To start with a new project, Open AutoCAD. Step 2: Click on the new button from the left-hand corner of the interface. Step 3: We will see a dialog box called templates that will open. Select any template from the list in the box.+. As soon as we select the template, a screen will become active The tab(s) labeled Layout are used for plotting. A single CAD drawing file can contain many Layout tabs. Layout tabs can be added, deleted or renamed by right-clicking on a tab. Layout tabs are called Paper Space because, typically, each tab corresponds to a plotted sheet

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  1. Follow these steps to bring a raster image into AutoCAD: If the External References palette isn't already open, click its icon on the Palettes panel of the View tab. Click Attach Image and locate the image file you want to attach. Browse to find the file you want to attach, select it, and then click Open
  2. In the Sheet Set Manager, open a sheet set. On the Sheet List tab, you can either double-click on a sheet to open it, or create a new sheet and open it. On the Model Views tab, click the plus sign next to a folder to list the drawings in the folder. From the list of drawing files, do one of the following
  3. With the new tab selected, click Rename. On the Rename dialog box, replace the default name, and click OK. Under the new tab, click New Group (Custom) to select it. Rename the new group. Select the new tab. Add new groups as needed and rename them. When you're finished, select a group to which to add commands
  4. It can be used for open a new drawing tab in AutoCAD. Ctrl + S: It can be used for save a drawing file in AutoCAD. Ctrl + Shift + S: It can be used for save a new file as a drawing and in short it is save as command. Ctrl + O: It can be used for clears screen to show the hides palettes and drawing area and tabs
  5. Click Home tab Annotation panel Dimension Style. In the Dimension Style Manager, select the style you want to change. In the Modify Dimension Style dialog box, Primary Units tab, under Linear dimensions, select one of the following from Fraction format: Click OK. Click Close to exit the Dimension Style Manager. Click to see full answer
  6. More practice? » 10) Select the layout tab called 4 in the AutoCAD window. » 11) Pick Insert + Hyperlink.Select the objects in the viewport on this layout using an implied window shown.Then press <enter> to continue. 12) Select the T209 Spreadsheet.xls file in your personal folder and type Calculate New Angles For Another Latitude as the Hyperlink description then pick OK

1. If AutoCAD isn't already open, launch it now. 2. You should see the Start tab. 3. Click on the large Start Drawing button. A new Drawing1 tab will open. Drawing files use a .dwg file format and are based on a Drawing Template file (.dwt). For now we'll use the default template file, but you'll see how to use customized templates in a later. A new edit selected path window will appear, click on the box next to the empty field in the window and locate the folder where the unresolved file is present and click OK to close the window. You will notice that the exclamation mark is now replaced with check mark with edit icon indicating that the reference is now manually resolved 1. Launch Excel and open your .XLS file. 2. Highlight the data you want to import. 3. Copy the data to Clipboard (Ctrl+V). 4. Launch AutoCAD. 5. Ribbon / Home tab / Clipboard panel / Paste drop-down menu / Paste Special 6. Paste as AutoCAD Entities. 7. Specify insertion point and click the AutoCAD 2009 icon or the AutoCAD LT 2009 icon on your desktop. Exploring the New Features Workshop The New Features Workshop welcome screen opens when you first start Auto-CAD and leads to several animated demonstrations and explanations of the new features included in the latest release of AutoCAD (see Figure 1.1). This is

Let's start with making a new tool palette. Making tool palette: Press CTRL+3 to open tool palettes, you will see many tabs arranged in this palette like annotation, construction and modeling. Right click on any tab from this palette and select new palette from the contextual menu which appears In a previous article we discussed customizing the ribbon in AutoCAD LT, and we focused on creating a new tab, a new panel, and populating it with some tools. There's a lot of other ways to customize both the ribbon and your user interface though

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1. Ribbon / Home tab / Layers panel / Layer Properties Manager 2. If you don't see the Filters options, click on the top left arrow to expand the layer filter tree. 3. Filters options / Layer Group Filter icon / Type the name of a new group filter. 4. Filters options / All / View all layers in your drawing. 5 Use the Bluebeam Administrator. The Bluebeam Administrator allows you to install, uninstall and manage the Bluebeam plug-ins. This tool can be used to perform such functions as: Uninstalling the plug-in from AutoCAD. Controlling which version (s) of AutoCAD will contain the plug-in if multiple versions of AutoCAD exist on a workstation 5 years ago. See more. How to uploading autocad lisp in the drawing and put your own command in the lisp file. Do the following instruction :-. 1-Open your lisp with notepad and replace command with your own text without spaceC: yourowntext ( ) 2-save lisp and close.3-drag and drop to autocad as show below

A few people expressed an interest in understanding how AutoCAD 2015's ability to open HTML pages inside its frame - shown in this recent post - could be extended to work with native user interfaces. This post shows how that can be done using WPF - the other supported mechanism for adding new documents to AutoCAD's main frame introduced in the 2015 release Making Title Block in AutoCAD. Click the AutoCAD logo in the top left corner of your screen. A drop-down menu will open. Click on New. Figure 1. To rectify this, double-click the date. A new Tab called Text Editor will open in the Ribbon. Click on the Field icon in the Insert panel to open the Field Window If you have overlapping lines or points in AutoCAD, it is impossible to select the bottom object without first deleting or isolating the top object. If you enable selection cycling you will be able to hover your mouse over an object and see if there are overlapping or duplicate drawing objects Click the layout tab. It's near the bottom-left corner of the drawing area. This method will save a single-layout drawing to a 1-page PDF file. 2. Click the Output tab. It's at the top of the screen. 3. Click Plot. It's on the Plot panel at the top of AutoCAD

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First we need to make a Data Link. Click the Data Link button on the Linking & Extraction panel of the Insert tab of the ribbon. When the Data Link Manager opens, click Create a new Excel Data Link . Give the Data Link a unique name. Then click OK. Now link the Data Link to an excel file by. Open source CAD applications: There are also plenty of low cost and lightweight alternatives to AutoCAD that can be used to view the drawing by installing their trial version. The best among these is a free and open source software called LibreCAD. The software is very small and it installs in a few minutes Sister, here I am giving an answer to your query with an example assume you have to print the plan /object in the pic shown below. 1. Type command PAGESETUP a page setup manager window will open like as shown above 2. click modify or new 3. Select.. The new integration between Google and Autodesk allows for quick, anytime access to view and edit DWG files in AutoCAD. • While Using Google - Use the Open With menu option and choose AutoCAD web app to open and edit DWG files in the AutoCAD web app in a new tab in your browser

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When you first open an option form the navigation bar the default it so open them up in the tab format in the main window. A child window is a separate window that is a secondary to the main SoftPlan window but can be moved to a secondary screen if using 2 or more monitors. This Child Window can have any number tabs just like the Main window AutoCAD drawings which contain large amounts of text or hatches may degrade performance. In most cases this is due to older or low-end video cards, however, depending on the amount of data being displayed high-end graphic cards may be affected as well. Causes. Several new system variables were introduced with AutoCAD 2015 Next open your ACA drawing, right-click and paste the information. Another way to do this is to open AutoCAD Architecture, go to the Insert tab on the ribbon, Data panel, OLE Object (see Figure 1). This will bring up the Insert Object dialog box. Next select Create New. Under Object Type, select an application and click OK (see Figure 2) Here is a quick tip to quickly make a new paper space viewport. Set the layer to what you want the viewport frame to be on. It is best to use a designated layer for viewports that are set to not plot. Please don't use the layer DEFPOINTS for viewports. You may run into some weird issues The selected document opens in AutoCAD. Use Save As to save the new document into ProjectWise. The new document is created in the specified ProjectWise folder, checked out, and then opened in AutoCAD

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Help Click Drafting tab > Block panel > Block Editor. In the Edit Block Definition dialog box, do one of the following: Select a block definition from the list. Select <Current Drawing> if the drawing is the block definition you want to open. Edit the block in the block editor 2. Open a new AutoCAD file. Open a new AutoCAD file if you will be linking the spreadsheet into Revit, but if you're linking into an existing AutoCAD project, open that project file. 3. Click the Link Data icon. You can find this under the Annotate tab in the Tables section. 4. Click Create a new Excel Data Link How to open a AutoCAD drawing. Click File > Open > Browse. Next to the File name box, click the All Visio Files dropdown, and then select AutoCAD Drawing. Find the . dwg or . dxf file on your computer, and then double-click it to open it. The AutoCAD file will appear as a new Visio drawing. How do I open a DWG file without AutoCAD