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Soulja Slim & BG full studio interview. ADVERTISEMENT. 3X PLAT. 150. May 20 - Graphic video shows troopers stun, hit and d.. 79 replies @news. 86 Soulja Slim LAST Interview: 2003!I do not own this footage. No copyright intende

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  1. Dr. Lana Joseph's 1st Impressions Interview Series Starts Production in New Orleans! Previous Next [Must See] Video surfaces of Soulja Slim freestyling with BG. by Mikecol Craige September 18, 2017, 3:01 pm. Soulja Slim is a New Orleans legend who has influenced many people nation wide. He was on the brink of success before tragedy.
  2. While we were about to leave after recording freestyles, Slim and 6 Shot pulled up and gave us an interview
  3. During this rare interview, he spoke about the No Limit days, reflected on fallen soldiers such as Soulja Slim and the final days of No Limit Records.] 1. Beats By The Pound's Chemistr
  4. The goat Soulja Slim posted in the Magnolia Projects talking to Wild Wayne. Want more like this? Subscribe! Phat Phat N All That TV began in New Orleans over..
  5. #LilSouljiaSlim #NewOrleansRapper #NolazineTV Lil Soulja Slim Interview With Nolazine T
  6. a video i made holdin my dawg soulja and bg down like a gangsta suppose 2 ya di

In an interview with Shawn Setaro of The Cipher podcast, former Cash Money artist Lil Slim (not to be confused for Magnolia Slim, Soulja Slim's early alias) said that he and Pimp Daddy would see their names graffitied in other neighborhoods, and that friends would joke they were the original Hot Boys

Soulja Slim chillin ou SOULJA SLIM + C MURDER = REAL NIGGAZ C-Murder DVD R.I.P Soulja Slim What about you BG? BG: 2Pac, Scarface, Geto Boys, UGK and Soulja Slim are some of my big influences. I was into a lot of bounce music that's true from New Orleans like KLC and Lil Slim. Individually, how would you guys describe your style of music? Gar: I mean I just call it 'G-A' you know, it's authentic

Interview with Sinista (producer) 0:04 Upbringing, Florida Housing Project, many musicians in his family, family from Gonzales, LA, his uncle has always run a music studio, early musical influences 2:15 NO rap influences, Mannie Fresh drum patterns 3:32 NO rap sound, effect of Katrina & people dispersing **good clip** pre/post Katrina sounds of NO rap 4:50 Hot venues/clubs he wanted to perform. Untold Jail Stories about Soulja Slim & BG. Damn, Plies Grill Was Really This Fu*ked Up H.. This is what it's like messing with an NYC chick. It's wild how after 20 years, Em, Wayne, Nas, and Hov can prove they leagues a. KLC: I Went To My Door And It's Soulja Slim & BG Outside! Mannie Fresh Gave Me Some Game Break Bread Rapper Soulja Slim kept it real, to his death. In the thugged-out, hyped-up world of gangsta rap music, the ultimate compliment is that an artist keeps it real -- stays in touch with the. Interview: Baton Rouge rapper Pee Rarie Talks About the Culture of Baton Rouge, his upcoming project 'Gangsta Feva' and the state injustice of Louisiana. Posted On June 5, 2020 Malcolm Worsham 0 Share My biggest influences has always been Soulja Slim and BG though

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Throwing a strong Southern drawl up against a watered down cockney accent provides plenty of room for problems. Thus was the case, with B.G. Throughout the conversation, my accent got in the way and questions had to be repeated many a time. However, B.G. pulled through and helped us belt out an interesting little interview He grew up listening to Tupac, Nas, Pimp C, Willie D, Biggie Smalls, Goodie Mobb, Outkast, Jay Electronica, Jay Z, DMX, Loxs, Jada Kiss, Soulja Slim, Juvenile, BG, Etc. When asked in an interview how did he get into music as a kid, He stated it's just hereditary my grandparents installed this talent, I foun

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Soulja Slim. Soulja Slim passed away. 1977. Birth ∙ September 1977. Soulja Slim. Soulja Slim was born. 18+ events Soulja Slim, BG, UGK, Eightball & MJG, etc. Any southern legend influences the label. Master P for his hustle and reluctantcy to fold Boosie on People Warning Him Not to Do Another VladTV Interview After Fake Casanova Story. VladTV - Breaking Urban News. 30K views · Today. BG Knocc Out: Going to Prison Over My Gang Made Me Question if I Love My Kids & Family. Lil Ya (UNLV): Soulja Slim was 2Pac of New Orleans, His Murder Crushed Me (Part 7) VladTV - Breaking Urban. Nas, lil wayne, Master P, soulja slim, BG, mostly down south rappers. What equipment do you use? computa, mic, magicmusic maker 11. READ MORE. READ LESS. Promoted Not related to artist. Promo. 5AM in Tetterboro. Bang Musik. Interview Artist links & data Connect. Polo Silk, The Picture Man. Local favorite Sthaddeus Polo Silk Terrell has been a fixture of the New Orleans rap scene as its #1 party/event photographer—as well as a fan—since the '80s. I'd been meaning to track him down for an interview for a while, only to find out AG had been scooped already by Atlanta's Cashew Co.

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  1. g up, Slim's nickname was Ice Cream, and Tucker was still developing his infamous 6 Shot persona. Beats legend KLC aka Craig Lawson was part of their clique too. That's my lil circle right there; me Soulja Slim, KLC.
  2. More by Soulja Slim & B.G. Give It 2 'Em Raw 1998 Years Later... A Few Months After 2003 Soulja 4 Life 2011 The Realest 2016 Cutthroat Committee 2012 Soulja Slim Greatest Hits 2006 You Might Also Like.
  3. g home soon. From what has been released, you can tell the love is still there. Watch throwback footage of BG and the late Soulja Slim in the studio together
  4. Ta388. 10 K 1 K. bossflossy said. That was a myth that was being pushed at first to go along with the innocent victim who got k*lled by a hater, story line. Real truth is, he was an active participant in the grimy sh*t and he set up a dude, who's brother was supposed to be a friend of his. And dude came back and knocked L down for it
  5. The whole gang is there, including teenage BG, young Lil' Wayne, Juvie, Turk, Mannie Fresh and the Williams brothers Birdman and Slim, plus more. Give the documentary a view below: Watch throwback footage of BG and Soulja Slim in the studio here
  6. On this day in 2003, James Tapp Jr., who is better known to the Hip Hop community as Soulja Slim, was shot and killed in front of his mother's residence the night before Thanksgiving in his.
  7. An interview with Trel Itz a Hit, one of the most important producers of the new generation in Louisianna. Since 2011, Str8 Up Ent, video media platform, wants to highlight the production of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. If artists such as Maine Musik, TEC or NBA YoungBoy start to be established in the musical business ; 70Street Carlos, WNC Whop Bezzy, Muzik Larry Jungle, Almighty Que and.

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True Story gets underway with the title track of the same name. For as much as New Orleans began to move away from bounce in the mid-90's, its influence and presence was still at the forefront as The Showboys' Drag Rap is the first sample heard on the album - a B.G. solo endeavor that goes straight for the jugular of crosstown rival, Big Boy Records, and its biggest star, Mystikal It is good to note that Lil Derrick is Baby and Slim's nephew. In 2003, he releases a joint album with Kayotic under Undisputed records. The album has several features from former Cash Money artists Turk and BG, and has a large buzz in New Orleans. Soon after, Lil Derrick and the CEO of Undisputed records are murdered

The rapper has since released fifteen more studio albums, including The DeAndre Way in 2010, Loyalty in 2015, and Fuego in 2019. Soulja Boy's Net Worth. As of September 1, 2020, Soulja Boy had a net worth of $30 million. Soulja Boy is one of the highest-earning rappers on the planet Soulja Slim was a New Orleans favorite that was cool with Cash Money artists plus No Limit artists plus with n*ggas like Uncle Larel and whomever else. But all of these rich N.O labels with heavy street clout couldn't save Slim from getting k*lled Published April 7, 2021 | By prez. The man who was born Scott Al-Tall to an American mother of Irish/German descent and a Jordanian father who split when Bilistic was six weeks old, has crammed a lot of living into his years. One of four siblings, he lived a nomadic existence until age 15, when the family finally put down roots in Wichita, Kansas Uploaded September 23, 2012 Soulja Slim Artist Magnolia Feat. B.G. [Label Submitted] 66,843 Comment Count Uploaded July 31, 2012 B.G.'s Last Interview Before Going To Prison For 15 Years

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26-year-old Pittsburgh Rapper, Hardo is coming off the release of his latest project, The Fame Or Feds Story which is currently available on all platforms. The rapper whose real name is Joseph Barnett talked wit Terius Gray (born March 26, 1975), better known by his stage name Juvenile, is an American rapper best known for his work with Cash Money Records in the late 1990s and early 2000s, both solo and as a member of the labels then-flagship group, Hot Boys.. Juvenile's career began in the early 1990s as a teenager with bounce music recordings that made him a local star Choppa (1) Skip (40) Skip Wacko (2) skrill-dilly (2) slim (2) Slim da Don (1) Slugga (1) Smash Bros (2) Smoke Mac (1) Smoked Out Records (1) Snipe (16) Snippet (4) snoop dogg (4) Sole Fresh (1) Song (1) Soul Rebels (1) Soul Train (1) Soulja Slim (19) Spanish Siesta (1) Sports (1) SQAD Up (5) Stevie Drumma (4) stevie wonder (1) stone (7) strait.

DeAndre Cortez Way (born July 28, 1990), known professionally as Soulja Boy Tell 'Em or simply Soulja Boy, is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, streamer, and entrepreneur.In September 2007, his debut single Crank That (Soulja Boy) peaked at number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.The single was initially self-published to the internet, and later became a number-one hit. Lil Soulja Slim, son of the late New Orleans [] EXCLUSIVE: Turk Addresses Reported Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh & Juvenile Joint Album By: Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY) Category: News January 12. 08) BG Speaks On Hot Boyz 09) We Right Here 10) BG & DJ Drama Speak 11) DJ Drama - Gotta Get That 12) BG Spekas On Soulja Slim 13) Raised Uptown Feat Hot & Geto 14) For A Minute Ft. TIP 15) La The Darkman & Willie The Kid - Hand On My Glock 16) Sucka For Nuthin 17) BG Speaks On Career 18) Slippin Ft. Gar 19) I Came Up From The Botto Blood Money Mafia. Nope. tha raw, USA. HipHop • Hardcore Rap. June 22, 2005. 31,582 plays. 24,304 views. SlumpVille MoB The New and up coming group in Palm Beach County out the Blood Money ProductionZ, The Slumpville Mob are just a couple kids comin st8 from the gutta rappin that gutta ass shit an keepin it 100% real, my niggas is strictly. 6 KLC The Drum Major, Soulja Slim, BG Break Bread 04:59 7 KLC The Drum Major, Lil Jon, Trelli Trell, 6-Shot, Mr. Serv-On, Fiend Deep Up Off 05:01 8 KLC The Drum Major, Mercedes, Fiend, Peaches of No Limit Soulja Like Me 04:18 9 KLC The Drum Major, Byou2ful I Got You 06:12 10 KLC The Drum Major, JUVENILE, Snoop Dogg, Soulja Slim Hold It Down 04:1

SOULJA SLIM,BG,LIL WAYNE,BOOSIE,JUVENILE,THE GAME,JADAKISS,LIL FLIP,TI,everbody I fa got. killa slim's station. 25 songs · 17 artists By @killa slim. See all playlists Interview Artist links & data Connect Followers.

Jan 14, 2012. Ratings: +150,334 / 4,113 / -1,587. No limit. If it wasn't for No limit you wouldn't have Cash Money. Don't base your decision on lil Wayne cause he was still doing country hood rat stuff like shooting himself at 12 with his dad's gun. You wanted answers. Oct 12, 2015 #21 Multi slim bg. A többrétegű bevonatok MC kifejlesztése jelentős előrelépésnek számított. A Bad Kreuznachban, a legkorszerűbb gyártó gépek rendkívül precízen, lenyűgöző választékban, változatos típusú és átmérőjű szűrőket állítanak elő. B.G - R.I.P Soulja Slim fernando perez fogyá 10. im tellin ya ft soulja slim. 11. fuck what you heard. 12. damn (freestyle) Wack 100 is catching heat over his Tekashi 6ix9ine interview. full story. Twitter Rushes To Paul Wall's Defense After White Rapper Slander. Paul Wall has his defenders. full story Nas, lil wayne, Master P, soulja slim, BG, mostly down south rappers. What equipment do you use? computa, mic, magicmusic maker 11. READ MORE. READ LESS. Promoted Not related to artist. Promo. SUMMER'S MINE (BUY 1 GET 2 FREE) (DRAKE/MEEK MILL. Interview Artist links & data Connect.

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4.KingBossX - Louisiana HotBoy ( DonnieDee, Cash Money BG ) 5.B.G. - Feat. VL Mike. 6.KingBossX - Im Dat G ( Solo ) Free BG. 7.B.G. Ft Lil Wayne, Birdman, Juvenile and Mannie Fresh-Bling Bling. 8.Yung Legend - ALL I DO IS POINT ( KingBossX ) 9.BG - Guilty By Association I couldn't say for certain about rap as some say it's not hip hop, nor even a sub-genre of it. But the following hip hop artists are listed as having been murdered since the early 70's [1] . I. Hip Hop performers 1. Scott La Rock 2. Paul C 3. D-B..

KOKANE,THE SON,SOULJA SLIM,YOUNG SOULJA SLIM and LIL SOULJA SLIM. Published December Kokane, Above the Law, BG Knocc Out & Dresta, Dirty Red, DJ King Assassin - 2014 Interview. Published August 27, 2014 | By dome... Tupac, Scarface, Thuglife, Ice-T, Eazy-E, Above The Law, Kokane, and too many others to name. Hear his story live on the. 865 plays. 6,216 views. KANDY KOATED PRODUCTIONS BRINGS YOU SLIMM AND DIRTY D. Band/artist history. WE ARE A NEW GROUP COMING FROM NEW ORLEANS ,LA. Have you performed in front of an audience? NOT YET. Your musical influences. TBO-DA FIRECRACKER, SOUTH COAST COALITION, MIKE DA HUSTLA, LIL WITNESS, STS RECORDS, BG,SOULJA SLIM , JUVY ,YOUNG BLEED. Soulja Slim (780 words) case mismatch in snippet view article find links to article (September 9, 1977 - November 26, 2003), better known by his stage name Soulja Slim, was an American rapper and songwriter. He was known for writing th Niggaz You Never Experienced #la #houston #htown #tx #nyne #oakdale #nynez #cswift #kronick #swiftDaAssassin #kronickDaKilla Cash Money Vs No Limit.. The Louisiana Rivalry. The beginning Stages: Anybody that been a follower of deep dirty south music knows about the history or the turf rivalry that been going on between Cash Money and No Limit Records. But what people don't know is that the beef started before both camps really starte

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He is the son of slain rapper Soulja Slim. Associated With. He recorded a collaborative mixtape with B.G. called Thug Brothers. Lil Soulja Slim Popularity . Most Popular #93864. Lil Soulja Slim Is A Member Of . 25 Year Olds. Rappers. Born in Louisiana. Virgos. Lil Soulja Slim Fans Also Viewed . 6IX9INE. Rapper. Lil Uzi Vert. Rapper. Lil Peep C-Murder & Lil Boosie) 04 B.G. & Soulja Slim - On The Run 05 B.G. & Soulja Slim - Yeaaah 06 B.G. & Soulja Slim - Don't Talk To Me 07 B.G. & Soulja Slim - I C U Ridin' (Feat. Gar) 08 B.G. & Soulja Slim - Let It Go Down 09 B.G. & Soulja Slim - Stop Fkn Wit Us 10 B.G. & Soulja Slim - Keep It 100 (Feat. Magnolia Chop) 11 B.G. &.. When police arrested a man in the ambush slaying of local rap star Soulja Slim, it didn't solve the mystery of his violent death, it deepened it. Detectives said suspect Garelle Smith was a hit man who was paid $10,000 and the killing had something to do with the record industry and a rival record label Her murder came seven years after the November 2003 killing of another New Orleans rapper, James Soulja Slim Tapp, whose original stage name was Magnolia Slim and who grew up with Shorty in the.

Happy Birthday, Soulja Slim!! It's been 6 years since the death of one of NOLA's best rappers, Soulja Slim. His fans around the city mourn his death as well as celebrate the day of his birth via twitter, facebook and other social networks. We all loved his music and miss him. He would have been 32. Rest In Peace, love. To show love, I had to. Lil Soulja Slim has obviously been keeping a few videos stashed away for a rainy day. Last week he dropped his first visual in a few months to his song [] Mor

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Hampton also had been charged in Texas in a killing that authorities considered revenge for the 2003 murder of rapper James Soulja Slim Tapp, according to a Times-Picayune report SOULJA SLIM (1) special teamz (4) SPIDER LOC (6) SPIT SUPREME (1) SPORTS (23) ST DA SQUAD (29) state property (1) STATIK SELEKTAH (11) STEIS (3) STOP SNITCHING (1) stoupe (1) strong arm steady (1) T Pain (1) T.D.S. MOB (1) TALIB KWELI (2) tangg the juice (2) TEAM 220 (2) TEAM 3R (1) techniec (1) TERMANOLOGY (24) that's major (2) THE CAMP (2.

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bg - the heart of the streets vol.1. bg - life after cash money. bg & soulja slim - uptown souljas. bg - livin' legend. bg - checkmate. bg - chopper city in the ghetto. bg - it's all on u. bg - living legend. bg - true story. big daddy kane - prince of darkness. big gipp - mutant mindframe. big luc - from rags to richez. big. B High. B High. Hot 107.9's Brian 'B High' Hightower is an Atlanta native with strong ties to the streets. B High is best known for his out going personality and down to earth approachable demeanor. This is best reflected in his HotSpotLight interviews which he does to shine light on upcoming artists and some major artists 1. Intro 2. My Life 3. Stressin 4. Wont Let Me Out (Featuring Akon) 5. Hustla's Wife 6. Holla At Me (Featuring Soulja Slim) 7. Ya'll Heard Of Me (Featuring BG) 8. Betta Watch Me (Featuring Fiend & Popeye) 9. Did U Hold It Down (Featuring Bass Heavy) 10. I Heard U Was Lookin' 4 Me (Featuring Montez & Capone) 11

AMIR KHAN THE REAL TRUTH PART 2 - DRUGS FOUND; Video Response To The Amir Khan Robbery Video; The Man With The Iron Fists Trailer 2012 RZA Movie... I AINT FEELIN THAT - Master P Feat BG - Bling Bling Lil Wayne - Shine Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass Mannie Fresh - Real Big TWRK - Nolia Soulja Slim - I'll Pay For It Lil Wayne - Go DJ/Fireman (Blend) Show less. Duration BG used to be on it. Heroin been popular in Louisiana for decades. 20. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2. 3 months ago. They say Soulja Slim was all the way a heroin addict. B Dumb and all Slim's other dudes were too. They lived heavy heavy lives through so I could see it. I was literally watching a Fredo Bang interview today where he. 90 Day Fiance's Big Ed is unrecognizable in slimline viral throwbacks. Big Ed, 54, is engaged to 23-year-old Rose from The Philippines The couple star on 90 Day Fianc

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What's happening is this: In July, B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in federal prision following a tumultuous career and years of drug addiction. His legecy is complicated, to say the least, but secure since he didn't snitch. Things didn't have to end this way, though. At 16, he was arrested with crack and marijuana Some seminal New Orleans artists from No Limit included Mia X, Mystikal, Master P, Soulja Slim, C-Murder, and Silkk the Shocker. Cash Money likewise signed and released albums by several New Orleans artists including BG, Juvenile, Turk, Big Tymers, and Lil' Wayne. The city is also the birthplace of bounce music which is gaining popularity

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05.Soulja Slim - Only For The Real 06.C- Murder Speaks 07.Soulja Slim - Lawbreakz 08.Soulja Slim - Souljas On My Feet 09.Soulja Slim - Make It Bounce 10.Soulja Slim - You Got It 11.Soulja Slim - From What I Was Told 12.Soulja Slim - Get Cha Mind Right 13.Soulja Slim - Bout Dis Shit 14.Soulja Slim - M.A.G.N.O.L.I.A. 15.Soulja Slim - Love Me Or. And I know your job as a journalist is to get me on the phone and to get me off my game. Or to say something to poke and pry. Send me your questions, I'll give you some good stuff so you have a compelling interview. I don't want you to NOT have a compelling interview. I'm just not going to let you control the interview soulja slim ft. NO LIMIT CAMP- NO LIMIT PARTY SHOP BOYZ- PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR WIZ KHALIFA- CELEBRATE T.I. FT. R. KELLY- LIFE OF THE PARTY TONY TONI TONE- HOUSE PARTY NOTORIOUS BIG- PARTY & B Turk Revisits Birdman's Ruthless Business; Compares Heroin Battle To Ray Charles'. He may have been M.I.A. from the music scene for almost a decade, but Turk has remained a mainstay of courtroom. Ousala Aleem (born July 3, 1982), also known as Prestley Snipes and FD, is a Platinum selling and Grammy Award Nominated songwriter, filmmaker, director, producer, entertainment manager, photographer, author and entrepreneur. As a filmmaker and director for over 15 years, Ousala has worked with some of music's top artists and has 4 RIAA certified gold and platinum plaques to his credit

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« Penthouse Players Clique - 2013 Interview. Underground Classics Episode 6-Double Episode. Published August 5, 2013 | By dome. Episode #6. Listen to internet radio with The Murder Master Music Show on BlogTalkRadio. Download. Check out a double Episode of Underground Classics with Tha BG on tha mix Lil Soulja Slim, son of the late New Orleans [] Cam'ron, Smoke Dza And G Herbo Headline Smokers Club 2016 Summer Tour By: Jake Crates Category: News March 29, 201 In These Streets feat BG & Soulja Slim; 19. Hold Up fea; 20. Talking That Talk feat David Banner; 21. Hate It Or Love It Houston; 22. Rollin' feat Scarface & Bun B; 23. From The South feat Z-Ro.

The Spill: Street Kidd Interview. Noah Cameron x Crack Tracks Interview. The Spill: Street Kidd x Floopy Head x Jack Spratt. Monday Weeklies. PLEASE. Blush Grand Opening Celebration. Wanye's Bday Cake. LMFAO Tickets on Sale NOW! New Orleans Seafood Fest @ Fulton Square. Hellz Bellz Fall 2009 Delivery 2. Your Club Scene: Events From 9.24 - 9.27.09 Despite the title, this is the second album B.G.'s unleashed since leaving the Cash Money label, and whenever he's rapping about the split, his skills shine. The other topic that sets B.G. on fire is the rapper's late homey Soulja Slim, who B.G. portrays as fool, friend, and legend being disrespected by Cash Money -- all in the same album. You'll need a crash course in Cash Money and New. BG -Checkmate 4. Big Moe -City Of Syrup 5. Crazy -I Shed Tears For The World 6. K Rino -Danger Zone Interview with a Killa 2. Criptanite - Tales from the crypt 3. Gangsta Nip - Phsycotic Genius Soulja_Slim - Years_Later_A_Few_Months_After-2003 3. Southern Kartel - As The World Goes Round 4. Trae - Losing Composure CD-Max Hip-Hop, R&B, Style, and Black Culture. The rapper/producer has reportedly set up a recording space, living quarters, and hired a private chef fo 13. nigga owe me some money - b.g., lil boosie, soulja slim 14. stupid wild - gucci mane,lil wayne, camron 15. h2o - gucci mane 16. lemonade - gucci mane 17. nananana - j futuristic, yung la 18. patna dem - jody breeze 19. burr - shawty lo 20. posted - lil scrappy 21. done it all - lil boosie 22. pop tags - oj da juiceman 23. you aint know. Soulja Slim (780 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article Chart. mtv.com. Retrieved 22 April 2018. Fly Fishing with Darth Vader by Matt Labash, Simon and Schuster, Feb 9, 2010] Rap News Network - Hip-Hop News: Soulja