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  2. President Tweets provides you with the latests Tweets from the President of the United States of America -- President Donald J. Trump. If you have a favorite Tweet from the President of the United States please submit it to the email below. It may be featured in our Best of President Trump Tweets section
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  5. Trump News Today is an aggregation of headlines, tweets, and video relating to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump News Today tries hard to publish content from viewpoints across the entire political spectrum. This site is not intended to favor left or right viewpoints, but rather a source to absorb the overall sentiment of our President in the news

Catch up on the latest news on Donald Trump. Including photos, videos and tweets Former President Donald Trump's team quietly launched a new social media platform on Thursday, billing it as an alternative to Big Tech sites. But the debut immediately ran into confusion about. BREAKING: Trump's Brand New Statement Reads Like A Classic Trump Tweet, And The Left Is MELTING DOWN by Clayton Keirns March 10, 2021, 8:28 pm updated March 11, 2021, 10:58 am In order to communicate with the American people, Trump has been posting press releases that immediately circulate on Twitter and all forms of social media Trump's latest tweets are always on TV, imagine all the news that are based just on his tweets. Well, Donald Trump has shared almost 47K original tweets since 2009. We do not count the RTs he makes, just the original tweets he has written and sent. Donald Trump original tweets are 46,919tweets divided in

Tear gas is fired at Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol building, Jan. 6, 2021. WASHINGTON ― A paid spokesperson for former President Donald Trump is posting his same election lies on Twitter that incited the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol and got Trump permanently banned from the platform two days later Read the latest news and analysis on President Donald Trump. Follow today's top stories and breaking news from inside Washington D.C. and beyond A New York Times reporter deleted a tweet that called supporters of former President Trump enemies of the state, following a viral blowback online. Today's #January6SelectCommittiee. Trump's new spokesperson should read the articles before she tweets. In the article... Without evidence, Trump continued to peddle lies about the 2020 presidential election, calling it a totally rigged and dishonest election President Donald Trump is running both a personal and an official Twitter account as leader of the United States. Here's the context behind his tweets. See latest

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New book claims top generals feared Trump wanted military post-election coup. Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google over platform bans. Eric Lee / Bloomberg via Getty Images file New York Times Justice Department reporter Katie Benner announced that she deleted some tweets on Tuesday.Without further clarification, Benner wrote on Tuesday evening that she had deleted unclearly worded tweets regarding the Jan 6. committee hearing.I deleted unclearly worded tweets regarding the Jan 6. committee hearing. — Katie Benne But Trump's recent tweets could show that he understands America better than his critics realize. These two Americas have long co-existed. One is the country represented by the Statue of Liberty.

Trump's tweets came after small protests by Trump supporters broke out in a handful of states, many of which were fueled by anti-vaccination and anti-government groups. Anti-government sentiment. Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump's personal account, which had 88.7 million followers, Friday evening.But what was the last thing he tweeted? The 75,000,000 great American. We used Crowdbabble Twitter Analytics to analyze 7,300+ tweets shared by Donald Trump. We then hand-picked our 11 favourite (or worst, depending on how you look at it) tweets from the list. Don't forget to put on your best Donald Trump voice impersonation for maximum impact Trump's latest tweets are an alternative world where the pandemic takes a backseat to MSNBC coverage. The president barely mentioned the coronavirus during a string of posts that are all about. The President's announcement came after Beijing unveiled a new round of retaliatory tariffs on about $75 billion worth of US goods. China will place additional tariffs of 5% or 10% on US imports.

All 50,000+ of Trump's tweets, instantly searchable. Instantly search through all 50k of Trump's tweets. Trump Twitter Archive V2. Insights FAQ. Twitter has permanently suspended Trump's account (January 8th, 2021)- Search tips Tips Retweet filters Retweets Deleted filters Deleted. But his latest venture aims to restore the rhythm of his golden days online. On Tuesday afternoon, the ex-president debuted a new page on his website called From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump has been mocked on Twitter after he seemingly wore his pants backwards when he spoke in front of the Republican party in North Carolina. Donald Trump stepped out to deliver a speech. Trump has been kicked off Twitter and suspended from Facebook in the wake of the U.S. Capitol attack on Jan. 6. His online blog was short-lived , but was likely a precursor to the new project. According to the news outlet, GETTR is one of the highest-profile projects in pro-Trump conservative tech and social media platforms amid accusations.

Ivanka Trump was left surprised and hurt by sister-in-law Karlie Kloss' social media comments amid the attack on Congress — as sources close to Kloss said the supermodel hasn't had a. Ellis was part of Trump's inner circle. He trusts her. She wouldn't be publicly giving us this kind of hint and from her verified account unless she's telling us that @ilDonaldoTrumpo is the new Twitter account for President Trump. We all know that President Trump has an AMAZING sense of humor. @ilDonaldoTrumpo is a pretty. The Complete List of Trump's Twitter Insults (2015-2021) By Kevin Quealy Jan. 19, 2021. As a political figure, Donald J. Trump used Twitter to praise, to cajole, to entertain, to lobby, to. Trump's incendiary comments threatened to create new headaches for Twitter, which has sought to clamp down on the spread of provably false content on its platform. As Americans cast their. The Wrecking Ball singer spills tea about Donald Trump's children and claims she has receipts. Singer Aubrey O'Day has apparently had enough of the Trump family's lying while out on the campaign trail.. The former Danity Kane member took to Twitter to post, and subsequently delete, about how Donald Trump, Jr. secretly dislikes his father and youngest brother, Barron, according to.

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Donald Trump - Deleted Tweets. These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever! Jan 6, '21 @ 6:01 pm ET. ID: 1346954970910707712 New York Times reporter deletes tweets suggesting that Trump supporters 'enemies of the state' July 28, 2021, 4:14 am New York Times Justice Department reporter Katie Benner announced that she deleted some tweets on Tuesday Twitter boots account mimicking Trump's new blog. Ford loses chief technology officer to Amazon in industry battle over talent. 'Meme' stock-market trend around AMC, GameStop may be more.

The episode marked Trump's latest attempt to weaponize Twitter in the days after his defeat. Since Election Day, the president has attacked Biden, rejected his victory, floated widely disproved. A New York Times herald, Katie Benner, expunged a series of tweets that suggested adherents of former President Donald Trump should be called enemies of the state, saying that they were unclearly worded.. The series of now-effaced posts commenced by saying that today's #January6thSelectCommittee underscores the America's current, essential [national security] dilemma: Work to. The space allows Trump to post, and allows followers to share the former president's posts to Twitter and Facebook. However, the new platform does not have a feature to allow users to reply or. The outgoing president's account was locked for 12 hours due to tweets that violated Twitter's rules and amid a pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill. Queenie Wong Jan. 8, 2021 7:31 a.m. P Michael Cohen and former President Donald Trump. Michael Cohen tweeted an edited image appearing to show his former boss Donald Trump in jail. It was a response to the New York AG's announcement.

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After Kanye, Melania and Donald, airline Ryanair mocks Eric Trump in latest tweet; After Kanye, Melania and Donald, airline Ryanair mocks Eric Trump in latest tweet The airline's official handle has been tweeting about the US elections and candidates for some time now. Among those at the receiving end include the US president, his family. (It specified two of Mr. Trump's tweets that could inspire others to replicate violent acts as well as the criminal acts that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Former President Donald Trump included screenshots of recent tweets from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, discussing an investigation into ballot drop boxes in the state. This is. Trump tweets image of himself wearing a mask and calls it 'patriotic' By Maegan Vazquez , Dana Bash and Kaitlan Collins , CNN Updated 8:35 PM ET, Mon July 20, 202 30/06/21 16:47. A Donald Trump supporter upset over the 2020 presidential election has been banned in all 30 MLB parks after being ejected for unfurling 'Trump Won' banners in Boston, New York and.

Twitter has hidden a tweet by President Donald Trump from his profile, saying it violates rules about glorifying violence. This is the latest twist in an escalating row between Twitter and the. Deleted Tweets From Donald J. Trump, R-Fla. Donald J. Trump's accounts: realDonaldTrump , TrumpInaugural Please note: President Donald Trump's suspension from Twitter caused Politwoops to briefly show a few @realDonaldTrump retweets as having been recently deleted when in fact it was not possible for the president to do so In latest attack, Trump tweets edited video of Pelosi tripping over words The video tweeted by the president was edited to highlight vocal stumbles. Pelosi's deputy chief of staff called it.

Twitter has hidden some of Donald Trump's first tweets the day after a US election which remains undecided. In one, the President wrote his vote advantage in key Democrat-run states had started. Mr. Trump said. The statement was liked and shared more than 661,000 times. Post-deplatforming, Trump became much more reliant on conservative media and personalities to get his message out to supporters. Sure — but remember those social accounts were promoting Trump's tweets pre-ban, too Twitter has added a new label on President Donald Trump's tweets containing inaccurate information on the presidential election results.. Trump's tweets disputing Joe Biden's election. This tweet, which is still absurd, is the closest Trump has come to a concession in the presidential election. His acknowledgement that a Biden Administration exists at all is an admission.

Donald Trump's Latest Volley of 'Voter Fraud' Tweets Met with a Sea 'Disputed Claim' Flags on Twitter Ever since the results were declared, Trump has been reviving his claim of a voter fraud and a conspiracy to overthrow him as the POTUS, be it during press briefings or on his Twitter A Lancaster woman who fought COVID-19 was disheartened to see President Trump's tweets as well. Temica Seaton is grateful she survived, thus she can share her experience to help others

Ivanka Trump, for example, has only posted 14 tweets with typos since her father took office. The official account for the First Lady, @FLOTUS, has posted just four Home/POLITICS/ Latest Trump Tweet: My New Presidential Speech on June 5! POLITICS US Latest Trump Tweet: My New Presidential Speech on June 5! Ava Garcia June 4, 2021. 0 2 minutes read. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Odnoklassniki Pocket. WOW! That's pretty sudden and on a VERY short notice Trump has never pushed a consistent message. They know that their supporters aren't going to bother reading through the articles that they cite, and will instead just tell themselves that they've seen an article which proves whatever narrative they're being asked to believe. 21. Continue this thread. level 2 President Trump, who wrote a new foreword to the book, tweeted praise for it twice to his more than 80 million followers. Like his McConnell tweets, Trump's endorsements are striking because.

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The new protocols had been promised and outlined in a underscores the extent of the crisis inside of a party that is growing alarmed about its political fate and confused by Trump's tweets. Trump's tweets have moved markets, put pressure on GOP lawmakers to bend to his will, and exacerbated a slew of domestic and global crises. But since his loss to President-elect Joe Biden in the.

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Donald Trump after winning the Florida state primary in West Palm Beach, Florida, in March 2016. A report prepared by Putin's expert department recommended Moscow use 'all possible force' to. Trump was unmoved. As the riot unfolded, he attacked Pence in a tweet. In two later tweets, he said the mob should stay peaceful and respect the Law. Then he tweeted a video telling his. Trump and DeSantis Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets | United States. NEW Donald Trump Jr. and Ron DeSantis dominate poll of favorites among potential Republican candidates. Subbed for Michael DaVinci Knowles. People treating TX-06 like it's some ringing rebuke to Donald Trump. So we can play this game Blocked from using his preferred tool for public communication, Trump left behind 88 million followers, some 16,000 now-deleted tweets while in office, and a legacy of spreading disinformation and. Far from the days-long controversies many of his tweets often stirred, Trump's transition to more formal statements issued through his new office and political action committee has eliminated.

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New York Times reporter Katie Benner has deleted a series of tweets calling Trump supporters enemies of the state.. Benner called the tweets wrongly worded, but her sentiment is largely shared by the state itself. As a Democrat-run committee investigating the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January got underway on Tuesday, viewers. Updated 10:05 p.m. ET Friday. Twitter has permanently suspended President Trump's account over a pattern of behavior that violated company rules. The action was the most sweeping punishment any. As that has turned out to be complicated, his latest scheme — and it is a scheme, all right — is to file a class-action lawsuit with himself as lead plaintiff, alleging that Facebook, Twitter. Donald Trump hit a new low with racist tweets and everyone noticed. Twitter has yet to tag the tweets under its new policy of marking, but not removing, content that violates Twitter terms of.

Twitter added labels to 11 of Mr. Trump's tweets or retweets (although one tweet that Mr. Trump had shared was later deleted by its author).Most of the labels said Mr. Trump had shared content. Former Trump spokesperson Jason Miller on Thursday debuted a new social media platform advertised as an unbiased replacement for mainstream tech platforms, as speculation continues about how.

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The tweets covered in the social media giant's latest applications of warning labels include one shortly before the 2020 race was called in favor of Democratic challenger Joe Biden, in which Trump. President Donald Trump takes to Twitter regularly to let the world know what he thinks. Check back often to see his latest tweets on foreign and domestic policy, as well as other topics of. Trump has made Tuesday's elections more complicated for Republicans with every new accusation and tweet. Did Trump's call to Raffensperger violate the law? Politico previews the likely Kemp. Trump Tweets OVERTURN ST PAUL, MN - NOVEMBER 14: Supporters of US President Donald Trump gather for a rally outside the Governor's Mansion on November 14, 2020 in St Paul, Minnesota President Trump gets into heated argument with members of press over media coverage of coronavirus and retweet about Dr. Fauci. #FoxNewsFOX News operates the..

The space allows Trump to post, and allows followers to share the former president's posts to Twitter and Facebook, however, the new platform does not have a feature to allow users to reply or. Good morning and welcome to The Independent's live blog following the latest developments in US politics as Democrats prepare to introduce legislation seeking to impeach President Donald Trump. Along with his time in the White House, President Donald Trump's special status on Twitter will soon end. As a world leader, Trump's tweets have been allowed to violate some of Twitter Inc. Trump began his series of tweets by reiterating his unsubstantiated claims of massive corruption which took place in the 2020 Election, which gives us far more votes than is necessary to win.

The latest breaking news, Ivanka Trump's tweet fuels speculation she is mulling White House run. Americas. Trump allies pardoned could be legally forced to testify, says Cohen That didn't take long. On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump, banned from Twitter shortly after the Capitol riot, revealed his new website, From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. An account called @DJTDesk emerged on the social media site shortly after, the New York Post reported. By Wednesday evening, though, Twitter had suspended the account, the paper said A new study titled The Art of the Spiel: Analyzing Donald Trump's Tweets As Gonzo Storytelling aims to explain, at least in part, how that alternate reality was crafted using social media. Some may say Trump's actions on Twitter are akin to cyberbullying. Donna Clark Love, a bullying expert, weighed in: The people who tend to be bullies, online and in person, have an average or. On Monday, Trump's Twitter account was locked after he shared the email address of a New York Post columnist. Twitter forced Trump to delete the tweet before unlocking the account, citing rules.

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Donald Trump Jr. 's latest boast about his dad did not go well. Former President Donald Trump 's eldest son tweeted on Friday that his father, who was banned from the social media platform for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot, was the first president in modern history not to start a new war. Advertisement Trump rails against Twitter in late night tweets. railed against Twitter in late night tweets on Thanksgiving, criticizing its trends algorithm and big Conservative discrimination.. The.

New York Times reporter deletes tweets calling Trump supporters 'enemies of the state' First Naomi Osaka and now Simone Biles. 'Brave' no longer means battling in sport, it celebrates 'woke' weakness; Many Ls have had enough of the Ts in the alpabet soup LGBTQ 'community', now it seems plenty of the Gs want to escape them to The tweets ranged from calling out the Republican Party, to mocking the recent dip in Fox News ratings (and promoting more pro-Trump outlets like OAN and Newsmax), to a rather stunning call out for an in-person-only-paper ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred

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The New York Times' in-depth analysis of and reporting on Trump's tweets shed a glaring light on the president's compulsive Twitter habit. By Alexis Nedd on November 3, 201 Jun 08, 2020 at 2:43 PM. A fan reaction to Sunday's episode of Issa Rae's Insecure is now the one and only tweet liked by President Trump. Yes — that President Trump. Though Trump's Twitter. The Clinton tweet calling her a skank, which also referred to Biden as a racist, was one of eight Stahl messages that Trump retweeted in a brief period on Saturday night. 00:2

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The latest skirmish came after Twitter began adding informational links to Trump's unfounded tweets that mail-in voting will lead to widespread election fraud. Advertisemen Senator David Perdue weighs in on the Bolton and Schiff interviews that have resurfaced and brought their credibility into questions. He also discusses the o.. Donald Trump on Twitter: The president's latest tweets . Kristina Webb Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 at 12:01 AM Jun 21, 2017 at 7:20 PM All of Trump's incendiary website messages are immediately posted by former GOP spokesperson and new aide Liz Harrington on her Twitter account. Former President Donald Trump is boldly defying his Twitter ban-for-life with daily posts on the Twitter account of his paid assistant. Harrington began.

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