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All HTC phones come with locked bootloaders that need to be unlocked before involving into any custom development activity. If you got a brand new HTC device with locked bootloader, just press and hold the Volume Down + Power keys to get into the bootloader mode on your phone and you would see *** LOCKED *** banner at the top the screen Hi, thanx for the reply! Actually i really don't know what is happening in my bootloader, to be honest i didn't try to do anything i didn't try to unlock my bootloader. what i remember exactly what i did is my htc one got a bit hung while im try to open my hotspot and then i try to restart my phone. after that, the bootloader appear in my screen and stuck. even i try to choose any options and. Boot into the Bootloader menu. The way you boot into Bootloader menu is different depending on which phone model you have. Use one of the following steps to boot into Recovery mode: Phones with pressure-sensitive buttons: Press and hold the Power button until the phone vibrates. Then immediately press the Volume Down button. These phone models include the HTC Exodus 1 and HTC U12+

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  1. HTC is committed to assisting customers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices. However, due to some of our carrier customers concerns, certain models with specific restrictions may not be able to be unlocked. Please refer to our list of supported devices to see if your device is eligible for unlocking the bootloader
  2. To re-lock the boot loader, enter Fastboot mode and type in: fastboot oem lock or, if it doesn't work, fastboot oem relock. (You can always unlock it again using the unlock code file you got from the HTCdev web site, you don't have to get a new file)
  3. REBOOT TO BOOTLOADER - Restarts the phone and boots directly into the Bootloader. BOOT TO DOWNLOAD MODE - Boots the phone directly to Download mode. BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE - Boots the phone directly to Recovery mode. POWER DOWN - Turns the phone off
  4. How to get S off or security off and unlock the bootloader on the verizon HTC ONE M8 and works on other variants as well liken ATT from what i have heardLink..
  5. A popular mod that requires S-Off is one that will let you use the unlocked HTC 10 (bought directly from HTC), on the Verizon Wireless network. Following the guide I have outlined below, this method requires that you unlock the HTC 10 bootloader. It requires you install TWRP on the HTC 10, and it requires you to root the HTC 10
  6. S-ON your Device. Reboot the device into download mode. To do this: Power off your device and wait for 5-10 seconds until the device is fully switched off. Press and hold Power + Volume Down button until you see a black screen with red text. This is your Download mode

Anyways, boot to download mode and recovery mode bring me to th exact same screen. silver-gray HTC logo on black background with red text reading Failed to boot to download (recovery) mode. press volume up or down to back to menu. This build is for development purposes only. Do not distribute outside of HTC without HTC's writter permission To exit download mode manually, use the volume keys to navigate to reboot and press the POWER button to select it. Download (1.7 GB) This software upgrade available for your HTC U Ultra provides the following key enhancements With that done, you will need to boot the HTC 10 into Download Mode so that we can begin the real bootloader unlock process. Go back to the command prompt when you get into Download Mode and then execute the fastboot oem get_identifier_token command. This will show you the Identifier Token for your HTC 10 right in the middle of the command prompt

Htc one M9 stuck in bootloader. Hi, My one year old htc one M9 used to work fine, until a day when it discharged and went off (because of no charge). I recharged turned it on but it ended up stuck on the htc start up logo. I thought it was a hardware issue so I took it to a technician who tried to flush but they couldnt get it working ***** htc download mode ***** *** locked*** htc_a50dtul pvt s-on lk-1.01.0000 radio-unknown open dsp- unknown os-1.30.720.5 cid-htc__038..

Before perform Factory Reset, you need to back up your HTC first, and then follow the steps below to fix HTC Lock Screen problem. 1 Enter Recovery mode. Hold and press Power / Home button and Volume + button simultaneously until you enter Android Recovery Mode. 2 Choose Factory Reset SunShine is a popular tool used primarily on HTC devices for enabling S-OFF. The tool was updated to support the HTC U11 earlier this year, and now it supports the HTC U12+.Without being able to S. Generally All Android phone me bootloader locked hota hai kyu ki developer ye nahi chahta hai ki aap koi aur custom ROM use kare. To aise me kuch manufactures companies apne android phone ke bootloader ko unlock karne ke liye allow nahi karti hai or kuch phones ise officially allow karte hai jaise ki Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. to aise me un phone ke bootloader ko unlock karne ke liye. 1. Press and hold Volume Down button and press once the Power button and keep holding Volume Down button. 2. Bootloader mode will open

HTC Smart Tool allows Read Fastboot info, Unlock Token, Submit your Token, Flash Unlock Token, Flash Custom/Stock Recovery, Zip File Flashing, Relock Bootloader, Factory Mode, S-On, Crite Super CID, Reboot Bootloader, Reboot Download Mode, Reboot RUU, Reboot Normal , Reboot Fastboot , hTC CID List, How to Download Correct Firmware, How to Flash hTC,fastboot You'll also need to disable Fastboot from Settings-> Battery Manager and un-check Fastboot.. For the safest, most consistent process, use a USB 2.0 port (3.0 can cause issues), the stock Sense launcher, and as always, back up your data because this will wipe everything but your internal storage. Making a nandroid backup in recovery will be critical if you do not plan on keeping the ROM that we. My HTC One M9 has become stuck in a bootloop, and I am unable to launch recovery mode or start the phone normally. Usually, recovery mode would show an image of my phone with a red exclamation mark, although it is just a black background with a silver HTC logo, and then jumps to a normal bootloop after 15 seconds or so For example you can reach recovery mode, you can unlock the bootloader of your phone, you can add updates, you can make a hard reset and lot more. Bottom line, fastboot mode represents the core. So now type: htc_fastboot flash recovery nameoftwrp.zip (replace nameoftwrp.zip with the actual file name of the TWRP .zip you download.) Now we need to reboot into Recovery Mode. On the HTC 10, this is achieved via shutting off your HTC 10, then holding Power + Volume Down together, until you're brought to an options menu

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By default, HTC equips their devices with a security protocol that ranges between S-ON and S-OFF. The security protocol place a flag on the device's radio that will check the signature images of any firmware before it will clear it for installation on your device's system memory Mine has Locked mecha xd ship s-on Hboot-1.05.0000 Microp-/ Radio- eMMC-boot Fastboot Bootloader Reboot Reboot bootloader Power down I was stuck on htc white screen did a factory restore the got green arrow thing on black screen Đưa vào Download Mode bằng nút Volume và Power để chọn. Máy vẫn s-on, dự kiến trong tháng 07/2017 này Chip Mobile sẽ có giải pháp s-off thiết bị này để dễ dàng vọc vạch hơn. Token chuẩn xác thì có được file Unlock_code.bin để Unlock Bootloader nhé ! Chờ tẹo để tối ưu lần đầu.

#S-On. #Write Super CID. #Reboot Bootloader. #Reboot Download Mode. #Reboot Ruu. #Reboot Normal (OS) #Reboot FastBoot non (ADB) #HTC Cid List. #How To Download Correct Firmware. #Hiw To Flash htc. Notes: For flash unlock Token,Recovery,Zip file you want to cpy & past your fileto htc smart tool folder When a device is factory reset, the device will not be able to be setup without the user entering the Google Account associated with the device (for hard reset) or screen lock information (for reset in Settings menu). the way to remove frp : make s-off. download fastboot file from here. Extract the file. click on the right button of the mouse A Beginners Guide. How to S-OFF, Flash Custom Recovery and Root your HTC Android Phone - For Dummies. Using Revolutionary Tool and ClockworkMod / 4EXT Recovery or Using HTCDev Bootloader Unlocker and Android Flasher Utilit 1. Register on HTCdev, where you can get information to unlock HTC bootloader. 2. Connect your HTC to Computer and enable USB Debugging Mode for you HTC. 3. Unlock HTC Bootloader may delete the files like contacts, messages and calendars, so please backup your data first text.All mode HTC. A11#CHL HTC Desire 510 A11#UL HTC Desire 510 (D510n) A11#UL_AIO HTC Desire 510 A12#UL HTC Desire 520 A13#WL HTC Desire 526 A15#UL HTC Desire 550 A15#UL HTC Desire 555 A16#DWG HTC Desire 630 Dual SIM A16#DWGL HTC Desire 630 A16#UL HTC Desire 530 A16#WL HTC Desire 530 A17#UHL HTC Desire 650 A3#TL HTC D610t A3#UL_ATT HTC Desire.

Step 3: Boot your HTC device into Fastboot mode (or download mode, for newer HTC devices). Step 4: Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable. Make sure you have installed HTC drivers. In case your PC fails to recognize or detect your HTC device, then you need to install or re-install HTC drivers. Connect using USB cable again thereafter Now reboot your device. Download your favorite SU binary zip and copy it to your phone. I used UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.65.zip. Turn off your device and enter bootloader mode again. It should show TAMPERED and UNLOCKED but S-ON now. Select RECOVERY from the bootloader menu. This will reboot the device into TWRP recovery

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* Software status: Modified LOCKED S-ON * to previous item to next item to select item. REBOOT REBOOT TO BOOTLOADER BOOT TO DOWNLOAD MODE BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE POWER DOWN. When I plug in the phone to my PC, the USB notification sound plays, but only if the menu above is showing Step 3: Boot your HTC device into Fastboot mode (or Download mode, for newer HTC devices). Step 4: Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable. Make sure you have installed HTC drivers. In case your PC fails to recognize or detect your HTC device, then you need to install or re-install HTC drivers. Connect using USB cable again thereafter

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If you see VIVO PVT SHIP S-ON RL then your device is a locked Device and you cannot root this device. And you cannot load Custom made Roms in your Device . Android developers are trying to unlock the Nand but its not yet done. How to check wether Your Device Is S-ON / S-OFF : 1 How to Easily Gain S-Off on HTC One M8. On your computer download Android SDK and install fastboot: install Android SDK on Windows, or set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. Also, on your computer. Manufacturers locked users from such access by giving them something like a guest account to prevent anyone and any app that may compromise your device from having root access. Read A Look Into: Android Rooting for more Info. Rooting involves 2 things for HTC devices. Unlock boot loader and achieving s-off(for HTC devices

STEPS TO Unlock Bootloader On HTC U11 Life. First of all enable the Developer OptioTo Enable the Developer Option, Go to your Settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message Developer option enabled ; Go back to settings -> Now you need to enable the OEM Unlock by going to Settings -> Developer Option and Enable OEM. Today, the developers behind Revolutionary, a very popular team known for their exploits for the HTC devices in 2011, released a developer preview of RevOne that makes it possible to achieve S-OFF on the One, and the Droid DNA. While S-ON on the One has not really hampered the developer community in any way, it will still come in handy

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The HTC One M9 smartphone has a bootloader just like all its predecessors in the M8 and M9 handsets. The bootloader is a series of code that boots before the operating system starts to run. If you are into hacking or 'rooting' Android, then you must unlock the bootloader. However, the bootloader mode is another.. Screen Lock on HTC phone is a amazing feature that helps users prevent your unauthorized access . However, forgetting passwords can bring about serious mess for a moment. The article encircles the scenario where if you forget the password for your HTC , then how come you unlock HTC screen lock password Please register below to access our developer resources. Select your Country * United States Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Czech Republic China Denmark Germany Spain France Greece Hong Kong India Indonesia Italy Japan Korea Hungary Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Switzerland Serbia. We sometimes may need to put our Android into Recovery mode for some tasks. For instance, rooting Android phones so that you are allowed to deeply customize your smartphone such as installing new custom ROMs, updating Android system, resetting your phone, etc. People also read: Recover Deleted Data on Samsung; Backup Android Phone to Compute

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htc download mode: *** LOCKED *** htc_himauh1 PVT S-ON OS-2.10.401.1 hi, i used to have custom rom viperone m9 but since i want to sell my phone im trying to go back to original htc one m9 stock, after trying many things including making my phone S-OFF, trying to flash RUU files, locking bootloader, and finally flashing a stock rom according to. Boot your phone to download mode and connect to PC. Issue the following commands. htc_fastboot oem rebootRUU ###while in this mode your phone will display an HTC logo on the screen htc_fastboot flash zip 2PS6IMG.zip ##while in this mode you will see an HTC logo on the screen and a green status bar across the bottom of the screen All Models Supported All in a Single click hTC CID List Reboot Download Mode For New Handsets Like M9,X9 Factory Reset In Fastboot Mode Write Super CID For S-OFFed handsets S-ON for S-OFFed Handsets Read All Info via Fastboot Mode Firmware Downloading Procedure Flashing Tutorial Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader Flash Custom/Stock Recovery ZIP. Step 2: Connect your locked Android phone to the computer with a USB cable, then select your device model from the list. Step 3: Put your Android phone into the download mode according to the on-screen instructions, then the program will download the recovery package for your device. Step 4: After downloading the recovery package on the locked.

Download firewater - Web Archive Download Here Also . Step 5. If you are using Mac or Linux, you don't need drivers, skip to Step 6. If using Windows, open up Device Manager and make sure you see either My HTC or Android ADB Interface. If you don't see it, you don't have HTC drivers installed, download and install HTC drivers Click Lock. It's on the left side of the page, just below your Android's name. Download and transfer the AROMA file manager. Tap the Back button, then do the following on a computer: If you know your Android's regular passcode but can't unlock due to a third-party lock screen app, you can use Safe Mode to delete the lock screen app HTC One M9 has been released for a while and we must admit that it has managed to take the top spot among the news headlines more than once. After all, HTC One M9 is a truly unique handset, despite the similar looks of its predecessor, HTC One M8 which disappointed some potential buyers Em cũng đang dùng M9 chính hãng, hnay mới vọc, Unlock được bootloader rồi, recovery rồi, máy vẫn S-ON, em đang dùng rom gốc từ khi mua đã lên 6.0, em tải rom ViperOneM9 5.3.0 cop vào thẻ nhớ rồi tiến hành uprom như hướng dẫn. Mọi thứ đều oke, mỗi điều là máy ko nhận sim, dù đã. This guide and software available for downloading from this page are to help you how to unlock android phone. Here We will present you unlock HTC Desire 12s software that works on any cell phone that use android programing services . All android mobile phones use similar android software and each of them can be unlocked thanks to our unlocking software

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To unlock your phone if Pattern lock is enabled, you just need to use your two fingers on swiping your regular pattern. To unlock your phone if Swipe lock is enabled, just double tap on the screen, then swipe to unlock using your two fingers. Then to disable TalkBack on your phone, please do the following. Open your Apps list Boot your device in fastboot mode (vol down + power ===> fastboot) Open a command prompt on the PC (cmd.exe), type and confirm each command with ENTER: cd /d c:\mini-sdk; fastboot getvar all (open android-info.txt inside firmware.zip and check if MID and CID matches) <optionally> fastboot oem lock (if your device is not yet re-locked (bootloader) boot-mode: download (bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.01.0000 (bootloader) mid: 2PRG10000 (bootloader) cid: 11111111 all: finished. total time: 0.013s hTC download mode * LOCKED * htc_himaruhl XB S-ON LK-1.01.0000 OpenDSP-UNKNOWN OS-12.709.425 Jan 18 2016,18:46:25(687707) my device is htc m9u, please give me rom for this thank you. When HTC started its official unlock portal, it provided HBOOT images for some devices which allow the user to unlock the boot loader—and remove NAND locks—in two steps: First the user should run the command fastboot oem get_identifier_ token. The boot loader displays a blob that the user should submit to HTC's unlock portal

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htc_a53ml_dtul PVT S-ON LK-1.01.0000 OpenDSP-UNKNOWN OS-1.33.708.6 Bootloader mode CID-HTC_622 LK-1.01.0000 68332ab2 OS-1.33.708.6 There are a few versions, but I'm looking for the Hong Kong version Version: 1.33.708.6 The file should be around 2GB in size I would greatly appreciate anyone who can provide a link for me to download this fil April 15, 2017 July 25, 2017 dssolution 0 Comments FRP, HTC, Uncategorized Am going to show You how to remove frp lock on htc desire 625, 626 with S-ON / BOOTLOADER LOCK (factory reset Protection

So as to unlock pattern lock on your Android phone or tablet without losing data, it is necessary to put your device into Download mode: turn off your Android phone > press and hold the 3 buttons (Home + Volume Down + Power) simultaneously > release the buttons when a warning message appears on device screen > quickly press Volume Up button to. 2. Head over to the HTCDev Bootloader website and follow the instructions for getting an unlock token for your device using which you can unlock the bootloader on your device. 3. Make sure that the unlock token that you've received from HTC is named as Unlock_code.bin. 4. Turn off your device. 5. Turn your device back on in fastboot mode About XTC 2 CLIP. XTC 2 Clip is the latest phone servicing tool for HTC devices. It allows you to perform unlock, lock, repair IMEI and other procedures on HTC mobile phones. XTC 2 Clip consists of a main device with a flex cable, having a micro-SD emulator on its end. Brand new phone servicing tool for the most popular HTC phone models Collection of HTC official Stock Firmware Flash Files. In this post is a collection of HTC official RUU firmware packages. None of the files below have been modified in any form- they are shared as is. As shown below, the firmware packages are listed by carrier and device variants. Download the firmware that suits your device ONLY How To Flash HTC One XL through Fastboot. 1: Download the firmware you fit their machine parameters and rename the new file to download to firmware.zip, then copy it back to the Fastboot folder on the C drive of your computer. 2: Turn CMD -> type cd c: \ fastboot, and put the phone in bootloader → Connect the phone to the computer, ensuring.

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There are 2 operation mode for XTC 2 Clip device: direct - when the phone is in fastboot mode & connected to the PC, using the XTC 2 Clip software; offline - when using a SIM Lock menu of bootloader. To use the offline mode you must first save special service files on XTC 2 Clip device Connect Device in ADB Mode. Reboot HTC fast boot mode. Read/ Flash unlock token. Flash Recovery. Lock Recovery. Zip flashing. Factory Reset. Submit device token. Lock/Relock Bootloader. Reboot to the bootloader. Download HTC Flash tool crack. HTC recently released their latest version flash tool free download for all HTC devices Enable Safe Mode. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds to turn the device back on. When the HTC logo appears on the screen, press and hold the Volume Down button. Continue holding the Volume Down button until the Android OS is completely loaded.You should be able to verify that you are in Safe Mode if you see the words Safe. Step 2 - Unlock the bootloader of the HTC Wildfire S. In order to root the phone you first must unlock the bootloader of the HTC Wildfire S. To do this you need to visit the HTC website which is located here. Follow the steps to unlock the bootloader and, when you have done that successfully please proceed to the next step 5. Click submit and wait until htc send a email on your email account registered with htc. 6. Once you received the email, download attached file named unlock_code. bin 7. Now click on the button Unlock bootloader, the toolkit will reboot your device into bootloader and a prompt message will appear confirming if you like to unlock your bootloader

In a nutshell, S-OFF means that the NAND portion of the device is unlocked and can be written to. The default setting for HTC's devices is S-ON, which means that neither can you access certain areas of the system nor can you guarantee a permanent root. Furthermore, signature check for firmware images is also ensured by the S-ON flag 3.Press the Volume Up to enter Download Mode. Step 4: Download recovery package After you get your device into the download mode, it will begin downloading recovery package. Just wait until it's completed. Step 5: Remove Android lock screen without losing data. When the recovery package downloading is completed, the android tool will. In terms of file support, it covers many major video and audio formats, but it won't let you stream anything that's on your screen. Your HTC One does have DLNA support, so you can also.

HTC Quick Root is the name of the tool, and according to the developer it can quickly root and unroot all HTC devices based on Android. Now I'm not sure just how many devices this can root, considering how HTC has been making Android phones since 2008. It is, however, safe to say that it works with the latest crop of HTC's Android devices, including the One X, One S and One V The RUU tool is a very useful tool for HTC devices.It includes lots of software needed by Htc 10 to work, such as the Android OS and its apps, bootloader, radio, kernel, etc.So you can use it whenever you need.Most of the HTC devices are very popular and as One A9 is the flagship, there will be great developer support for this device too.If you own a Htc 1o then you should download the Htc 10 RUU

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HTC One M8 Android 6 (Marshmallow) Update locked my phone. 03-10-2016 08:59 AM. I applied the Verizon updates to my phone today. Update 1 worked fine. Update 2 downloaded via wifi and then I clicked install. Now it is stuck on the red verizon screen. I let it sit there about 30 minutes and nothing changed How to Flash Stock File on HTC One M9 Plus. - Download Samsung Latest USB Driver. - Download Samsung Odin Flasher. -Copy all files in one Folder. -Extract all downloaded files. [USING-WINRAR OR 7ZIP] -Install Htc USB Driver First. Thanks for visiting us, Comment below if you face any problem With HTC One M9 Plus Flash File, we will try to. The HTC One M7 gets S-OFF! The Revolutionary team is back with a developer preview of revone - the tool to gain S-OFF and more on your HTC One.The Revolutionary team has played a pivotal part in getting S-OFF to most HTC devices in the simplest manner possible with their automated scripts Step 2 - Unlock the bootloader of the HTC Desire 510. In order to root the phone you first must unlock the bootloader of the HTC Desire 510. To do this you need to visit the HTC website which is located here. Follow the steps to unlock the bootloader and, when you have done that successfully please proceed to the next step

Here we have a step by step tutorial on How to Hard Reset your HTC One M8, so don't hesitate to use the link. Enter recovery mode Are the problems still there? We have another possible solution for you: enter recovery mode on your HTC One M8 by using the hardware keys, the Android Debug Bridge utility, or the Quick Boot (Reboot) app hey what about desire 610 im not tech saavy at all its bootloader unlock id love to do it with htc dev route i have no idea why. u tell me. u the guru. thank u i got king root to do it 2x but it only lasted 15 mins or so each How to Unlock HTC Phone By Unlock Code. Our HTC Unlocking process is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% guaranteed to unlock your phone regardless of your GSM network! This is the same method Networks and Carriers will use and charge you $50 and over to unlock your phone

Steps: Download and install the Android USB drivers for your device. For example, Samsung drivers for Samsung phones or the (venerable) Google Galaxy Nexus. Reboot device into fastboot mode using adb reboot bootloader or by pressing Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously. Open Device Manager Boot the 510 in TWRP from the Hboot menu on the phone. Download the SuperSU binary from this link to the desktop of the computer. Reboot the Desire phone and transfer the SU binary file over to the internal storage SD card. Reboot the device in recovery mode. Choose the 'install' option and upload the supersu-v2.16.zip file in recovery

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Reboot HTC One M9. Connect it to your computer. Copy SuperSU.zip file on your device and switch off the smartphone. Wait for some 10 seconds and boot it in Recovery mode: hold the Power and Volume. Easy steps to root HTC Desire 626s: Step 1: First of all, Enable Developer Mode then enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your Android Phone by this guide. Now unlock the bootloader by going to the HTCdev Unlock Bootloader website and following the directions to unlock bootloader. You will need to create an account on HTCdev. HTC S-Off / S-ON Write IMEI Write MEID Write CID FRP RESET [ 3 Methods ] CID Finder HTC MTK Flasher HTC RUU Stock Rom Flasher HTC Zip Flasher and many more RESET Phone Lock in Download Mode RESET FRP in Download Mode FACTORY RESET in Download Mode LG Flasher and many More SONY FACTORY RESET RESET LOCKS SONY FLASHER MICROSOFT LUMIA LUMIA FLASHE

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As it stands right now, if you want to watch 360-degree YouTube videos as they were meant to be viewed in VR, you'll need the help of a third-party app. YouTube through the Desktop mode on the HTC.