Oil leaking from stator plug

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  2. Oil leak by stator plug. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. TonyJ · Premium Member. Joined Jul 29, 2008 · 1,002 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jun 2, 2009. Got a small leak on my 113SS at the stator plug..
  3. The plug leaks because the rubber shrinks, mostly due to heat. Mine was fixed like this 10K ago and is still bone dry. However, the way to fix it permenantly, is to replace the stator as the plug is part of it. Make sure your plug is also tight and the connections are clean where the stator plugs into the voltage regulator
  4. if you have recently had to start adding motor oil to to the crankcase then you could have a output shaft leaking motor oil into your primary. then there is the problem that the evo's during your era had with the case weeping oil into the primary. the problem with either of these two is when the primary fills up with oil it has nowhere to go but out the stator plug area
  5. Harley Primary Leak Stator Twin Camhttps://www.hdforums.com/forum/touring-models/720422-first-oil-leak.htm
  6. An oil leak has developed where the stator wire comes out of the engine. I know this is fairly common but what is everyone doing to fix this? I thought I would try to clean the area with brake cleaner and then use some high temp. silcone if there is such a thing

If its leaking out of the connection, HD had a fix for this on the early bikes. Just cut all the cable ties, and relocate the plug on the harness that connects the stator wiring to the voltage regulator above the level of the primary. Gravity keeps the oil from leaking.. You have some seals that are leaking from around the crankshaft the stator is supposed to be sealed from the oil you wont have to change the stator just the crank seal Posted on Feb 27, 200 There are 2 ways to perform the leak test, from the carb boot or from the spark plug(not recommended by me). Which way did you do it? Leak down test looks for leaks in the crancase, including seals. It is an easy fix. If you have a leaky seal on the stator side, no wonder you have been chasing that needle

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  1. 4. arthurn said: ↑. I have an 08 road king. 2 yrs later and 25,000 miles later I have developed an oil leak where the stator wire exits the crankcase. I have done some research so I know sometimes it's because oil is leaking past the crank shaft oil seal and filling the primary. The oil in my primary is at the bottom of the clutch hub
  2. If oil gets into the connector it can be caused be 2 things usually. The first is oil left over from the oil changes that seeps into the connector and causes it to short out. The second is the stator plug leaking through the wires into the connector. The first one is usually the culprit
  3. Oil is showing up at the stator wire plug into the rectifier. I've googled this and many brands suffer this fate it appears. I guess Honda didn't seal the ends of the wires inside the stator cover and over time the oil wicks up the wire and exits at the stator plug connection. Kind of bizarre i know

With 25,000 miles on the speedometer I have developed an oil leak where the stator wire exits the crankcase. I have done some research so I know sometimes it's because oil is leaking past the crank shaft oil seal and filling the primary. The oil in my primary is at the bottom of the clutch hub. So I don't think I am leaking oil into the primary 2004 HARLEY DAVIDSON ULTRA CLASSIC ELECTRA GLIDE- How to repair - Stator Wire Grommet Leaking OilI noticed an oil leak when I was getting the ultra classic o.. 965 Posts. #2 · Sep 26, 2009. Magnusvela said: Had a oil dripping problem and could not find it. Noticed that the grommet holding the Stator wire was leaking oil from it especially after a hard run. Have not found any post adressing this subject. Talked to a non Vulcan friend, said super glue! oil leak I have experienced this problem on heavy truck applications where the injector harness runs thru the cylinder head. And after awhile oil leaks from the cylinder head past the harness. The factory fix for this is to use epoxy adhesive Loctite E-05CL ( hysol ). I will take my 2012 apart and just cover the plug

Re: Stinkin' stator cover oil leak - Update. Well done John, and I should have mentioned it before, normally if it's the stator wire grommet causing the leak, it'll only leak (when parked) when on the sidestand, and not on the centre stand. Easy way of deciding if it's the grommet, or the gasket Replaced the stator couple days ago at a buddy's house. Rode the bike home and parked. Noticed some oil seepage, so I re-tightened all the bolts. Went on a short ride today and noticed some big oil drippage while on the side stand. Traced the leak to the area where the rubber wiring plug exits the stator cover Was lubing the side stand the other day and noticed oil/grease collecting on the bottom of the crankcase right near this plug. The plug was gooey and it looked like it's kind of coming out a bit. Checked the drawings in the service manual, and that plug appears to have multiple rows of ribs on it, most of which are inside the stator cover The stator plug can be removed and sealed up, however you have to remove the outer primary cover, the compensator nut and associated components. At that point you can remove the rotor. There is a plastic 'hold down' clamp that holds the wires out of the way and kinda keeps the plug in place I have a 2004 Road King and have recently noticed the stator plug is leaking a little primary fluid-just a drop or 2 on the ground after a short ride.I put new crank seal in and replaced the stator maybe 4 or 5 months ago.The oil from the engine isn't overfilling the primary.Is there a way to fix this problem without replacing the stator I just put in

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I had the same leak but it's not the filter. It's the Stator Plug. It sometimes shrinks and allows oil to end up around the filter area, giving you the impression that it is the filter that is leaking. It's a warranty repair I drained the oil and removed the old cover (didn't expect the magnetic attraction from the stator), transferred the stator and cleaned up the lip surface where the gasket lays. One thing I noticed that concerned me was when I pulled the original cover off the pin that holds the little gear up top in came out with the cover The plug is covered with oil/dirt but not dripping. The rectifier plug looked good, maybe a little oil on it, and the wire plug had just a tiny bit of oil in it. It wouldn't drip out so I took a small screwdriver and cleaned it out with a paper towel. This oil looks clean and has no smell to it, like engine oil would So, stator is fixed, replaced mirrors, replaced left-side ear that was messed up from PO, added forwards. Bike is running good except it likes to mark its territory with a drip. I've already replaced the spark-plug well o-ring on the front cylinder, and that helped a lot. Drip is right under.. Over time, the cam chains can stretch and if they don't have the extenders put on them, they can wear a hole in the spark plug tubes and cause an oil leak. The pic that shows the spark plug wire looks like there's oil below the wire on the cooling fins, which is why I ask

Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Stator Failure: Oil wicking up and leaking through R/R plug My Rick's stator just went up on Wednesday with only 9,000 miles on it. It was the second stator and has been run with a series R/R almost since new (first Compufire then SH847) except for a few hundred miles posted June 14, 2004 09:20 AM Edited By: canadamaxxer on 14 Jun 2004 16:20. I called my dealership today, had them run my bikes' VIN for open recalls, and the service advisor came back with the stator recall. They will need the bike for 1/2 hour to install some sealer on the wires at the stator connector plug I suspect the just dealt with the wiring plug going to the stator that had popped out a bit and not the gasket itself, but only riding will tell. It only leaks once the oil gets properly hot after decent riding. #27. Aframe01 , Nov 26, 2016. #28 Joined Apr 6, 2012. ·. 13,264 Posts. #9 · Sep 8, 2016. Hmm, well no because if you check oil level with the dipstick screwed in, your oil level will be too LOW not too high. This blown out seal is a relatively common problem with Rebels. Most Rebels never have this problem however, so its not at all a normal thing

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Oil was leaking out through the rubber grommet where the wires from the stator exit the case. Took the dealer 3 tries to get the stator cover to seal, new gasket each time. On the 3rd disassembly they called ktm who told them to use sealant on the gasket. Bike is oil tight now. The fix for the actual leak at the grommet is silicone sealant as well KZBob said: The 1000's were notorious for leaking from the stator plug (rubber where the wires go through) from heating up and cooling the rubber shrinks a bit and starts leaking. Click to expand... I am in the process of rebuilding a 76 KZ900 that is leaking from the stator plug. I have had the oil drained for a week, so, the area is relative dry Stator Cover Grommet / Oil leak 15 Aug 2010 13:39 #391055. I am sure this one has been discussed before. I have a 1975 Z1-B 900, I had all the engine covers off to replace seals and gaskets because bike had sit since 1994 and not run since then. Anyway, Checked the Stator cover for flatness, cleaned it well, cleaned the rubber grommet that fits. Over the years and the miles a small misting of oil will get into the alternator casing and it adds up.. but when you drain the oil it stays there, the alternator is a pretty good bit of kit, so thirty years down the line you probably have never had to undo the cover, the oil in the alternator is probably a very small sample of every oil change the bike has ever had and can be left there or.

The oil drain plug is an obvious culprit to oil leaks. Sometimes motorcyclists can scrape the bottom of their motorcycle on a curb or speed bump which can harm that drain plug. Many times there are plugs on the side of the crankcase to check the timing, clutch, stator, or other things At my oil change last night I found oil coating the wiring and case vicinity the stator wire. The bike is at 16,544 miles. This is the front lower left side of the engine. I did a search for oil leak and found similar issues. Oil leak up stator wire. Oil leaking from left side of engine case Hey guys just bought a used 2013 can am outlander pretty nice quad coming from a banshee. But took it for a ride and noticed oil slowly leaking somewhere from above stator. Took it home removed the plastics tried cleaning it all up to see where it is coming from not sure but I think from the yellow wire plug and grommet 1200speed, Jul 14, 2018. Brought my Speedmaster in for the first service after the river ride. The found an oil leak from the case on the right side. Will find out what was leaking when I get the bike back, but talking with the service writer, it sounds like Speedmasters have a oil leak problem as this is not the first with the same problem 210. Trophy Points: 43. Try cleaning the area as clean as you can then apply some white baby powder to the area where it was oil film covered. Keep checking, this should make it easier to see where the oil leak is coming from. #9 Paparog, Nov 26, 2017. doublej, Hwy 2, Da Nurse and 1 other person like this

Anybody else notice any oil coming from the back of the stator cover? My sons has a faint trail of oil coming from the back of the cover where the wiring harness enters the case. He cleaned it well and rode it about 6 miles and it shows up that quickly. It doesn't pour out, more like a light film that runs down the motor case I had a leak in the case under the engine from what I thought was weeping from one of the bolts near the oil plug. I thought it was a bad case mold or something like that but it ended up being oil from the upper oil plug there near the water pump, the one below the oil filter housing. That plug had rusted up a bit and the rubber gasket must. zx12r a1 alternator oil leak. then put in some dielectric grease. then just cut the wire wherever between the stator and plug. no connector needed unless the oem one is fried. i would look into the trailer type connectors if yours is burned up. they can take a lot of abuse _____ 01 ZX-12R 8.84 @ 156.3 no bars, DOT tires. Pump Gas, NA. Joined Jun 6, 2015. ·. 189 Posts. Discussion Starter · #3 · Sep 17, 2018. My Polaris consumes about 100 ml of oil per 300-500 km. I poured it a little bit above maximum level a few times, but it was only 1-2 millimetres. Oil lines were never clogged. In my opinion. If there is a leak and shouldn't be any oil, I have to seal it 478. 203. So. Cal. Apr 15, 2017. #1. Going over the bike for a desert adventure next week and I noticed that the alternator wire plug (where the wires go in to the crankcase) was leaking oil. Off comes the left crankcase cover, clean, and reseal. The problem is that the wire plug is too small and doesn't compress when the cover is tightened down

The leaking oil plug is only found on the 2015-1/2 and 2016 KTM 250SXF and 350SXF engines. If you have a 450SXF, this oil galley is not in the ignition cover. Dear MXperts Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 23, 2013 (Edited) So, I have the reoccurring issue with oil seeping through the yellow wiring connecting the alternator stator to the ECU. Oil is slowly leaking from the connector which is located just below the ECU. To be more specific, the oil is actually seeping out between the copper wire and yellow plastic. I just picked up an 89 Venture Royale. It has an oil leak above the exhaust crossover when running. The left frame behind the shift lever has oil on it. I think it must be the Middle Gear Cover because: - I cant see anything down the back of the engine or on top of the transmission except a coat. And when we got a stator, lshybrid put it back in and we started the bike up and lyte road it home which was like 60 miles away. So from what I remember, no oil in the stator, and I don't think its supposed to. Oh and it was an 2000 750, which I believe uses the same stator as your bike. The 2002 gixxers stators a tad bigger Judging from the quanitiy, I assumed my stator had leaked out the oil and I ordered new seals and bushings (and would deal with it next spring). Well, now it's next spring, I took the nozzle off, removed the drain plug from the stator and used a small screwdriver as a dip stick and it was still full

The galley plug has a sealing washer on it, you remove the plug & replace the washer. Just going from memory here as I don't have a bike in front of me, that hole can only be fed oil through a leaking stator cover gasket, and that wouldn't be uncommon or unusual. Check for oil around the spark plug cavity and then explore this further. On the 1500, the service manul says a special tool is need to pull the spark plug tubes, but you can fashion a tool out of the rear axle nut and unscrew the tube. I'd bet the 800 is similar. Hope this helps or gets you going in the right direction 1,460. As others have mentioned the oil leak could be coming from other areas of the engine so lift the gas tank and inspect and try snugging the bolts on the stator cover- the gasket should be good if the cover hasn't been removed before. Reply With Quote. 06-11-2020, 05:44 PM #11. SpaceMountain01 5,926 Posts. #5 · Sep 24, 2015. Tackle leaks one at a time. First, clean the engine well, get the existing oil off. The first place I would check is the tappet covers on the head. Over tightened, they will crack, and the oil leaking will leak down, covering the engine in oil

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2009 HD FLHX Street Glide I have had an oil leak that has been hard to find. I believe I found the leak but am a little perplexed as to where I think it is. If facing the bike from the front. The right side of the voltage regulator has wires that go from the regulator to the crankcase. It looks like a rubber boot plugs in, and I am not sure if. If you use the center stand and not the side stand you should only have a spoon full or less of oil to clean up... I had my oil overfilled a little bit and still only a spoon full. there will be oil under the stator case... that's why there is a gasket on the rotor cover, another gasket on the alternator cover behind that and a rubber plug within the alternator for the field coil and stator wires

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Check for premix residue under the stator cover as a clue for an internal leak. On 4-strokes, especially Hondas, check the O-ring on the oil filter cover. Unfortunately when changing the oil filter you can tighten it too much. There's a sweet spot - so too loose or too tight causes a leak Well, I think I stripped the oil drain plug hole on the case. Is the a way to fix this other than getting a new case or will a piggy-back plug work fine? Thanks for any suggestions or help.:banghead Oil level was below the plug at the end of the cone. I'm going to say less than 8oz of oil was in it but, there is no evidence of water intrusion into the stator other than 2 tiny pinhead sized drops of water. No milky look to the oil. Nice and greenish blue. Is it possible for oil to leak out without water leaking in The Guide Plug leaks oil around its O-ring. (See Figure 1) The O-ring has nothing wrong with it. What happens is the guide plug has a piece of metal that sticks out so the main lower left side cover will press up against it and keep it in place. Part of the problem is poor and awkward design. If the guide plug rotates enough the small piece o

Seriously, have a monster that is leaking oil through the regulator plug. The yellow wires acts like straws or small hoses, and the regulator being under the bike, it's leaking on the ground. Tried a McGuyver fix, I pinched the yellow wires with a few tie raps and made a loop near the plug in hope to stop the leakage, but it doesn't work Re: seadoo enigine full of 2 stroke oil after sitting. oil feed how it works? it is a real common issue with that type of rotax engine the center of the engine between the cylinders is full of oil to lube the rotary valve shaft and bearings if the crank seals or the rotary valve seals leak just a little over time the engine will do what yours did you can remove the plugs and crank out. Let is all drain out, remove the black cap on the left side where you put the oil in, tilt the bike straight up let it finish draining. REmove the little silver washer off the drain plug, put the new one on, put it back in and tighten (don't over torque it, but tight enough it won't leak)

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If the drain plug gasket isnt leaking now you dont need to replace it at this time. But...next time you change oil, take your drain plug to an auto parts store and get a copper metric drain plug gasket. The Suzuki gaskets are steel, but most Japanese automotive drain plug gaskets are copper or.. When you spin the oil filter off it throws oil in the same place. If you or a tech never wipes it off than it just builds up, than it looks like an oil leak. I see it all the time when owners service their bikes, i wipe off with degreaser everytime I service a customers bike. Same with drain plugs Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatal

Oil leaks on shiny black paint don't photograph well and all oil runs down hill for the most part so having oil on the bolt on the bottom of the cover does not mean it is actually coming from there. It could be the gasket or the rubber plug were the wires come out from the stator (that is the stator cover) Two leaking oil plug screws after service? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. Campo · Registered. Joined Sep 7, 2014 · 32 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 17, 2014. Good morning all! I have a TRX500FA 2003 Foreman Rubicon I bought used three weeks ago..

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Oil is not conductive and will not cause shorts etc in the alternator as a couple of replies here want it to be, oil however can cause bad contact between the slip rings and the tiny carbon brushes in the alternator. The brushes only carry a small.. Joined Mar 10, 2010. ·. 216 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 23, 2010. Got a small leak somewhere on the back of the engine. First thought ist was the oil filter so i changed the oil. Its still leaking though, i haven't really looked it over very well because i haven't had a lot of free time. But im thinking its the oil pressure switch es Oil Light Excessive Engine Oil Leaks The oil light, mounted on the indicator light panel (Fig-ure 66), will come on when the ignition switch is turned on before starting the engine. After starting the engine, the oil 1. cl Clogged air filter breather hose. Cy 2

Looking For Leak Plug? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Leak Plug now I have oil leaking from the top of the stator cover where there is what looks like a plugged hole. But maybe it's not a plug? I took the cover off and it's a complete mystery how oil even gets up in there. This is the 2nd stator cover that is leaking from this spot. The bike was laid down and the first cover got cracked near the crankcase Anyone else have there stator plug leaking oil from the engine case plug? I have never had one ever leak that bad as I do now. The bottom of the bike/engine is coated with oil. 11-28-2012, 06:59 AM #2. Rick Kay. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles 2000+ Posts User ID 6906 Join Date Dec 2011. Oil leaking from stator Discussion in 'The Garage' started by papasmurph11, Feb 3, 2021. Tags: xs400; yamaha xs400 There should be oil in there. But that cover and the case also should have a gasket not what ever that blue and gray stuff is. It can come loose and plug up oil feed holes. xschris, Feb 4, 2021. xschris, Feb 4, 2021 #3. Feb.

ok. so im leaking oil from the top of the left side case cover. its spraying onto floorboard, not cool. i figure while i have it off, i might as well replace stator. should i go with a Ricks? or someone else. also, which gaskets am i going to need. the parts fiche is a little vague. should i do t.. Don't need to drain fluids. There are 4 places it can leak on the left side. In order of most likely 1st, they are shift shaft seal, countershaft seal (behind sprocket), plastic neutral switch cover, and finally the 2 pressed in plugs about 3/8 in diameter that plug the shift fork shaft holes The stator is used, but it is not coming from the stator....it is coming from between the stator and engine case. It is coming out at the very bottom of the seal. I did not use, but have blue rtv sealer. I probably should have used some of that. It has leaked at least a 1/2 quart of oil in a week. So It looks like it will be coming off Joined Nov 27, 2014. ·. 1 Posts. #11 · Nov 27, 2014. I am having an issue aswell with oil leaking from the chainside of the engine. I am certain that it isnt from the rubber plug. It is coming from the seal on the shaft that rotates the magnito wheel. I rented a pully puller and removed the wheel, my question is what is that shaft called so I. Same problem, again. The oil continues to leak down the side stand. It isn't anything related to the oil pan gasket - I replaced that, and it's definitely not leaking. I replaced the stator cover gasket for good measure too. As best as I can tell, the leak seems to be coming from that set of..

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realistically IF it is leaking from there, it might just be a live with it issue. it is always a risk having leaking oil on two wheels incase it slips up your back wheel. while not a great solution a banddaid would be to use some rtv on the stator cover, to keep the oil contained. but eventually it would fill up and thats not good (had a known leak around grommet.) I cleaned super good with spray brake cleaner & tooth brush. Then gobbed on some 2part epoxy. Let cure 1 day & took on 100+ ride thru woods & water . No wet oil trail on cases, as I had before. So I seem to have stopped leak & thus hoped to keep water out. Normally would not do this, but was jammed for time It appears the plug is an upgrade then and the engineers hoped the gasket would prevent any oil leaking. I though the stator gasket was leaking as well but once I got the shifter cover off the stator gasket was dry in there 120 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 8, 2014. I just bought a brand new Ice Bear 110 and it's leaking lots of oil from the bottom of the stator cover. It comes out in a steady stream at the position shown w/ the arrow. It's pouring from an area that looks like a screwdriver slot The is Brutes do have an issue with the rear output shaft seals. My first one went at about 800 miles. Sence I put the oil cooler on and dropped 30+ degrees off the oil temp, I am still on my second seal at 2300 miles. They are easy to replace. One note...they do not like pressure washers shoving dirt into them past the guard

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On the stator housing-- Thru the nozzle, looking forward- there are 2 more plugs for filling the oil in the stator. They could be loose, or not have any sealant on them. Shaft seal could be leaking. Yes, there are 2 shaft seals. Replacing the stator shaft seal is not too hard. Hopefully, your leak is from the gearbox fill screws Check your stator wires grommet for leaks. Another leak can happen from here that is much more difficult to fix. These look good and seem to be holding since the Stator Replacement. As you can see my leak this time is from the plastic neutral switch. 9 times out of 10 this will be the source of your oil leak from the kickstand area It has been back 3 times now for an oil leak that was very visible at the stator cover. We also informed the dealer that it appeared to be leaking at the case half behind the oil filter. We live in Georgia, dealer is in TN, so we picked it up and went straight to Coal Creek and rode the crap out of it 1500 1600 Vulcan Common Oil Leaks. This post is address the most common and generally easily fixed Vulcan 1500 and 1600 oil leaks. (Vulcan owners seem to take minor leaks more seriously than Shovelhead owners.) Spark plug tubes. Front cylinder tube is on the left side and rear cylinder tube is on the right side

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Re: mercury outboard lower unit leaking oil, please guys any info would be great. tha Your gear oil sounds good - not milky and no water. Read again what REDJMP says: 2-cycle outboards always discharge some unburnt fuel/oil. You'll see more discharge if you're mostly trolling and it's especially noticeable when running in a barrel There is a pipe plug dead center on the rear, that is the fill plug, above that is a fill vent plug, likely a allen head. If neither of those is leaking [ unlikely ] then it is most likely the shaft seal in the stator. Not that big of a deal to get at, you will be removing the stator every time you change oil anyway Oil Leak from Crankcase (Kickstand Side) A few months ago, I noticed oil accumulating near where the shift linkage attachment sits on the stator case. It was a very slow leak, barely noticeable 'til I cleaned my bike after a muddy ride. Days later, the leak got worse and I realized it's coming from the seam on the stator case Bad oil plugs are another culprit responsible for oil leaks on motorcycles, such as Harleys. Side crankcase plugs and valve cover plugs can also be a source of leaks on your Harley motorcycle. Oil drain plugs leak when they are not tight. Vibrations on the motorcycle can cause the oil drain plug to come loose, leading to oil leaks

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How to Fix a Primary Oil Leak on a Harley Inspect the drain plug O-ring for signs of wear or damage and replace if necessary. Install the drain plug. Torque the drain plug to 14 to 21 foot-pounds with a 3/8-inch torque wrench and socket. How to Install a Stator on a Harley How to Change Oil on a Kawasaki KZ750 3,364 Posts. #10 · Nov 21, 2011. Oil leaks can be a pita to track down. First step is to remove the fairing, spray the whole engine down with degreaser or engine cleaner, and wash it throughly. Let it sit for a day or so and see if is still leaking First Name: Steven. Winterville, NC. Vehicle: Locked 17 trd sport. I have an 02 400ex thats pretty nice, it just leaks oil like crazy! it cranks up perfect, runs perfect, and doesnt smoke except for a few seconds right after I crank it every now and then, not all of the time. I ride it pretty hard and im interested in making it a little faster

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ESR intake with splash guard, yoshi full exhaust, megacycles cams, (ricky stator and new starter gears thanks to flywheel bolts), vortex 10x ignition, Athena 434 FCR 39mm carb, Kibblewhite black diamond valves & springs, DRZ base gasket,DID timing, engine ice, -16oz flywheel, pro design impeller, secret clutch package with hinson basket Out of practice, I will polish things under the bike after an oil change -- I esp. like the drain plug to be sliver and no caked-on grease on it. I like to clean the area around the drain plug and perhaps the oil filter area. This way I can tell if there's a problem. Plus, when I wash my bike, I don't want black grease on my wash mit Stator Oil Leak. Wind Bogging Engine - Carb Vent Hose. 5 Modifications 6 Misc Info. 8 Library. 9 Specifications. V-Star 1100 Wiki Knowledge Base The wKB V-Star 1100 Wiki Knowledge Base. More. Stator Oil Leak. Some members have reported leaks on the left side of their bikes - and some are reportedly coming from the stator - grommets..

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That seal is not a common leaker. Oil leaks are funny and the flow realy likes to wander around in the air currents on a moving bike. Looks like the oil sump cover or front drain plug might be leaking. I'd clean it up really well run it a bit and try to trace the exact source of the oil Hey guys I have a 2012 KX 450 that is leaking oil from the breather tube stater case. I have watched a couple of videos about the oil pump filter being clogged up and that could be one of the thing to cause this. I have clean the oil pump filter it is still doing the same. Im losing about a shot glass every ride. Any thoughts

Drain excessive oil, Check oil pressure retaining valve. Valve timing disadjusted. Check position of camshaft sprockets. Ignition unit defective. Check stator, rotor and electronic box, Exchange defective component. Ignition coil supplies insufficient ignition voltage. Exchange ignition coil Recently, at about 20,000 mi on the odo, it started leaking oil through/around/near the grommet/wires on the stator cover. (also having trouble getting the oil filter to seal properly, but that's a separate issue). Tried cleaning it up and using RTV silicone (permatex black, oil resistant). Still leaked. Took it apart and cleaned it up better. In the process I found that my CCT gasket, stator cover gasket are also leaking, and I also found a hairline crack in the stator cover that is also leaking oil. There is also still consistently a very small amount of oil residue right under the header pipe where it meets the head