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Technical Rules Book 2019 The official text of the Technical Rules shall be maintained by the IPF and shall be published in English. In the event of any conflict between the English and other language versions, the English version shall prevail World Powerlifting Congress . 505 Westgate Drive . Aurora, IL 60506 USA (630) 896-7309 . www.worldpowerliftingcongress.com. OFFICIAL RULE BOOK . World Powerlifting Congress. 2016 Edition . Contents . General Rules 1 . Bodyweight Categories 2 . Equipment and Specifications 3 . Costume and Personal Equipment 5.

stumble. 5. Failure to bend the knees and lower the body until the surface of the legs at the hip. joint are lower than the tops of the knees. (Refer to Diagrams 2, 3 & 4). 6. Any resetting of the feet after the squat signal. 7. Contact with the bar by the spotters between the referee's signals British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing. In 2017 we conducted some 140 anti-doping tests, all at our own expense. GB lifters in World Championships are registered with the IPF for Out of Competition Testing (OCT) All British Powerlifting Championships will be held in accordance with IPF technical rules and rules of performance. 7. A National Championship title can only be claimed if the qualifying total is attained. 8 In domestic British Powerlifting competitions you are permitted to wear your name and the name of your club, or personal sponsor, on your lifting apparel. If you are unsure whether what you have in mind is suitable, please contact a member of the British Powerlifting Board who will be more than happy to advise Where can I find the British Powerlifting rules? British Powerlifting operate under IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) rules. Lifters are expected to lift in accordance with IPF Technical Rules and to wear IPF Approved attire. It is strongly advised that all lifters, particularly novices, read these documents carefully before competing

The squat is the first lift contested in powerlifting. It's arguably the most difficult in terms of rules too. A lot of newbie lifters are surprised at how deep they have to squat for a powerlifting meet; it can be a real wake up call for all those half-reppers! After unracking the barbell, you must stand with your legs straight Powerlifting Belts Belts may be used so long as they do not exceed 10cm in width (~4) nor 13mm in thickness. Lifting belts purportedly increase safety by protecting the lower back. The truth is that most lifters are able to lift more weight while wearing a power belt and this is the real reason they are used First Time Lifters. Day of Competition. Competition Results. Records. Provincial Rankings. Qualifying Standards. IPF Rules & Equipment. Clubs & Gyms. BCPA Full Time Student Bursary

Rules; Memberships; Results & Records. Team GB, Records & Results; WPU World Records; WPU European Records; BPF Hall of Fame; BPF British Records; Gallery; Contact; Shop; BPF Powerlifting and weightlifting Academy; Welcome to the WP

After progressing to Tier 2 (Home Nations) and Tier 1 (British) competitions lifters must wear a weightlifting costume (leotard) which complies with the following criteria: • Must be one piece • Must be collarless • May be of any colou

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BPF Hall of Fame. BPF British Records. Gallery. Contact. Shop. BPF Powerlifting and weightlifting Academy. Welcome to the WPU. VISIT US ON FACEBOOK bpf_wpu@hotmail.com. Facebook Instagram British Powerlifting Union. December 17 at 7:50 AM ·. AC Cup event page! One of the few qualifiers with places left, and a place to take International records. Equipped bombers, first time hopefuls and people hell bent on giving it all or nothing after lockdowns, this is your stage! SAT, FEB 27, 2021 AT 9:00 AM UTC Team GB, Records & Results. All new members ,must compete at our British Championships ,to Qualify for selection to the World & European 2021. Powerlifting Championships Single Ply & Raw Classic Raw Multi Ply. All lifters wishing to Participate at our British please contact the BPF head office on bpf_wpu@hotmail.com for Entry forms Euro and World WDFPF records can only be set at National (British) and WDFPF events. Under WDFPF rules, there can be only one National championship per year, so this rule prevents WDFPF records being set at other National Championships, such as the All England, 4 Nations or Scottish Nationals, even if drug testing were to take place

Rule Book - British Drug Free Powerlifting Association. BDFPA Handbook 2020. BDFPA Rule book 1- Constitution & By laws. BDFPA Rule book 2- Referees & Support staff. WDFPF Rulebook. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. WDFPF Executive Committee MAIN RULE CHANGES. At International events the inspection of kit is not mandatory. It is the responsibility. The BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association) is affiliated to the WDFPF (World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation), and is the only UK Powerlifting organisation recognised by the international body. The registered office of the Association is to be sited in England. THE AIMS OF THE ASSOCIATION 1

British Powerlifting adheres to WADA Protocols and is the only UK Powerlifting Organisation to conduct 'fully independent' drug testing in line with WADA guidlines. It is the responsibility of you the athlete to ensure that you do not contravene anti-doping rules British Powerlifting represents IPF powerlifting within the UK encompassing England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. He competed in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, finishing fourth. British Powerlifting is the only UK powerlifting organisation that carries out independent WADA compliant drug testing x5.86. All. 230. 304. 391. 491. 595. These male standards were last updated June and are based on 254,000 filtered lifts. Note: these barbell standards include the weight of the bar, normally 20 kg / 44 lb Download of the APPROVED LIST (PDF) - VALID UNTIL 31.12.2022. *updated 01 July 2021. The user of this powerlifting equipment for himself and his heirs, release the IPF, its representatives, agents, and affiliates from any and all liability arising from the use of this equipment. Further, the user agrees to use this equipment as recommended British Columbia ; Manitoba Send a video of you performing each lift according to the IPF rules and following the respective commands to your provincial association no later than 4 weeks prior to the registration deadline. Competing in unequipped 3-lift powerlifting will only qualify you to compete in the in unequipped 3-lift.

A British powerlifting federation was established in the late 1960s, soon followed by other European nations. Undoubtedly important, these competitions featured two rather unusual rules British Drug Free Powerlifting Association - Members Page (You must answer the questions to be approved to the group) The British Drug Free Powerlifting Association was formed in 1989 with the express purpose of providing an alternative national platform for Drug Free Competition. In 2014 we will be celebrating the 25th year of the BDFPA (formerly called the BPA). It is our view that our.

please note: british team entries close 25 july 2021 ENTRIES FOR COMPETITORS OUTSIDE THE UK, ONLY YOUR COUNTRY HEAD CAN SUBMIT THE TEAM ENTRY. FOREIGN TEAM ENTRY FORM (individual international entries cannot be taken unless there is no current WPC license holder, then please go to the next link) COUNTRY-ENTRY-FORM-A.WPC-Euros-202 We, at Swindon Barbell, are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most enjoyable sporting experience we can. We abide by regulations set out by British Powerlifitng, British Weightlifting, World Anti-Doping Association, Club Mark and Safeguarding Vulnerable groups.. You can find all our policies here Pete is also an International Referee and was the British Records Registrar between 2011 and 2018. Karen joined the BDFPA in 2013 for her first competition with the now Police Scotland Powerlifting team. She has held the British and World title at 58.5kg, European and World title at Open 63kg and currently at M1 63kg Find out more about when the next Powerlifting competitions will take place in the Southwest and how you can take part. South West Powerlifting 2021 Events To lift in South West competitions you will need to be a member of British Powerlifting

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At this time the Curl was dropped and replaced by the dead lift. This was called powerlifting, with the first British Championships being held in 1966. With both Great Britain and the USA staging national Championships and Powerlifting becoming more organised an international would be the next progressive step The Differences at First Glance. At first glance, the most obvious difference is between the competition lifts. Weightlifting uses the snatch and the clean and jerk, both overhead movements. Powerlifting uses the squat, bench press, and deadlift, none of which is directed vertically overhead. (If only the media and public could grasp this. Women's 63kg. Play Video. Weightlifting has been a Commonwealth sport since 1950 and now being a core sport, it must be included in each cycle of the Games. Team England are currently third on the all time medal table. At the Gold Coast, Team England won a host of medals in weightlifting, including a g old won by Emily Godley in the women's 75kg Rules of powerlifting Since 2013, athletes have competed in 10 weight categories ranging from 49kg-107kg+ for men, and 41kg-86kg+ for women. As the sport progressed the range of impairments was also expanded and now includes 8 different impairment groups, including athletes who have had amputations or who were born without limbs, as well as. British Powerlifting Union. 7,794 likes · 97 talking about this. The BPU and ABPU is the only current licensed UK affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress and Amateur World Powerlifting Congress

Scottish Powerlifting is an affiliate of British Powerlifting and IPF is required to operate within the WADA anti doping rules. Scottish Powerlifting follows the British Powerlifting Anti-Doping Policy. Therapeutic Exemptions. For lifters that require medication from the prohibited or restricted lists will need to apply for therapeutic exemptions British Weight Lifting are delighted to bring you all the details for the revised British Championships for 2021. Whilst we cannot host the British Championships as our usual flagship event this year, we've worked hard to find a solution to allow our lifters to gain the totals they need to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in 2022 as well as offering a competition platform for our members

Record claim for New World and/or European Record Record claim form . Official VIP Partners . Partner o British powerlifting champion, 16, reveals her six meal a day diet plan. Teenager eats 2,300 calories every day to fuel gruelling training regime Vanderpump Rules reunion! Lala Kent and.

The first ever British University & College Championships for Weightlifting & Para lifting took take place virtually between 21 - 28 April 2021. The inaugural edition of the BUCS Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting Championship took place online between 21 - 28 Apr 2021 and featured 70 student athletes representing 31 educational institutions. Competitions Explained. Olympic Weightlifting is considered as one of the greatest tests of strength and power, and competitions are the stage on which the sport comes to life. More Info. 1. Competition Calendar. There are weightlifting competitions taking place almost every month of the year, and our calendar is the first place you will hear.

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North West Powerlifting has 1,383 members. We are the North West division of the English Powerlifting Association and an affiliate of British Powerlifting. For more information, go to www.nwpowerlifting.org.u The Farm Weightlifting Club Moulton College Gate 4 Pitsford Road Moulton Northamptonshire NN3 7RRKevin Jane 01327 312535 kevin@kjane.fsbusiness.co.u Get your teeth stuck in to Powerlifting in 2021 We cannot wait to get back on that competition platform and are involved in several competitions coming this year. Here are some to spark your interest! British Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships Excitingly, we Read mor IPA POWER NEWS. The IPA comes to California via State Chairman Scot Mendelson. His meet titled IPA The Beginning is scheduled for June 26, 2021. The first event will be held at Mendy's Gym in Van Nuys, CA. We expect there to be a considerable demand for this event and encourage all lifters to send in their entry forms early Find a course. At British Weight Lifting we deliver a variety of industry recognised Olympic Weightlifting Coaching courses, Strength Training coaching courses, and courses on how to improving your own lifting. You don't have to be a British Weight Lifting member to attend our courses, however, if you do have a valid membership you will be.

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The other lift that stood out as warranting an exception to our not-posting-one-lifter-at-a-time rule is this one. At 45 years old, after thirty years of training with weights, Delroy McQueen (@delroymcqueen) finally pulls 400kg/881lbs! Del has endured injuries and setbacks during his time weightlifting and powerlifting, and times when it didn't look like he was progressing - some. British Powerlifting - Universities and Colleges. Nonprofit Organization. Rescindx Apparel. Clothing (Brand) Platinum Family Fitness Est.1992. Find out all you need to know about the Paralympic sport of powerlifting, including the history, rules, classification and equipment. For more info go to: ht.. Join British Powerlifting; Rules of powerlifting; Qualifying totals; British Records; Log in; Calendar of Events . AEC v1.0.2 . Back to Homepage. Upcoming Events. July 24, 2021 British Masters Classic Championships; July 31, 2021 British Classic Bench Press Championships; August 21, 2021 All England Women's Champions

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  1. On behalf of British Weight Lifting, UK Sport and Manchester City Council, I am delighted to invite you to the Manchester 2021 Para Powerlifting World Cup, which is being held between 25-28 March in Manchester, UK. The Manchester 2020 Para Powerlifting World Cup was the last qualification event to take place befor
  2. As well as a comprehensive rule book, British Powerlifting also drug tests at the regional and British championships. Everything we do is in accordance with WADA guidelines (World Anti-Doping Agency) and all drug testing is independent, so we don't come into contact with the samples, says Richard
  3. In order to meet qualifying standards and compete at BC Provincial Championships, athletes must achieve a qualifying total from an IPF-sanctioned competition within the 24 months prior the start date of the BC Provincial Championships. The qualifying total is the sum of the athlete's best squat, bench press, and deadlift weights lifted from a.

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The Southwest Powerlifting Association, as a division of the English Powerlifting Association, run British Powerlifting sanctioned events for the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Gloucestershire according to IPF rules 1. Drug abuse is strictly forbidden and the BDFPA will ban for life any member found guilty of drug abuse, subject to a right of appeal as set out in the disciplinary rules. 2. Drug abuse is the use by, or distribution to, a sportsman or sportswoman (the competitor) of any substance defined as banned by the BDFPA

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The World Para Powerlifting Rules and Regulations and competition Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories, results attained by British athletes at World Para Powerlifting Recognised Competitions (i.e. competitions where athletes must compete for their IF affiliatedorganisation) shall be -. Qualifying Totals for an SPA competition, if required, are on the SPA website. For a British Powerlifting competition the QT's will be found on the British Powerlifting website ,as will the Qualifying Procedure. IPF TECHNICAL RULEBOOK. Scottish Powerlifting competitions are run under IPF rules The primary focus of this guide is the actual rules of Powerlifting Equipment. If you're looking for powerlifting equipment recommendations, this isn't necessarily the article for you. That said, if you are in the market for new equipment, it is virtually impossible to beat the combination of Anderson Powerlifting's prices and customer. YNEPF - Home. Welcome to the Yorkshire and North East (YNE) Powerlifting website. The YNEPF was founded in 1928 as the YAWWA and nowadays runs Powerlifting and Bench Press competitions, both equipped and unequipped (in which no supportive equipment other than a belt and wrist wraps may be worn) throughout Yorkshire and the North East Rule Violated. World Rugby Regulation 21.2.9 | Assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, conspiring, covering up or any other type of intentional complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation, Attempted anti-doping rule violation or violation of Regulation by another Person. Sanction

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Powerlifting is an intense and exciting sport representing the ultimate test of physical and physiological strength. This claim is supported by those in the athletic community as Powerlifters hoist more weight per attempt than any other Sport. It is a true test of muscle strength whereby the athlete challenges themselves with weights which. The British Amateur Weightlifters Association to this day recognizes over 30 lifts. Internationally the Iron game has now crystallized into 3 distinct Sports: Bodybuilding, Weightlifting (often referred to as Olympic lifting) and Powerlifting which recognizes the Squat, Bench press and Deadlift. The squat had its origin in Austria 130 years ago Powerlifting competitions may be comprised of one, two or all three of the lifting disciplines. International Blind Sports (IBSA) Powerlifting follows the same rules as the sighted version of the sport. IBSA Powerlifting regularly hosts various competitions for athletes with visual impairments, including world and regional Championships The British Drug Free Powerlifting Association From 1989 to 1999 all competitions were equipped full power only events, however bench shirts were not allowed. The WDFPF Congress decision to start up equipped/unequipped as 2 distinct categories was taken in autumn 1998 in Atlanta and to allow the use of single ply bench shirts

ABPU Records – British Powerlifting Union and AmateurBPF Shows – British Powerlifting FederationShop – British Powerlifting FederationWP ANTI-DOPING PROGRAMME - World PowerliftingCameron McKenzie - World PowerliftingMicky Yule Crowned British Champion 2017 – Scottish

For example, the rules used by the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) demand that squats are walked out, proper depth is attained, and permits two and a half meter straps only. Federations with a strict ruleset like this should be avoided if you are looking to set records. The rules will place you at a disadvantage and limit the. Powerlifting Links. The Southwest Powerlifting Association, as a division of the English Powerlifting Association, run British Powerlifting sanctioned events for the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Gloucestershire according to IPF rules. The home of IPF Powerlifting in England. British Powerlifting is the trading. Find out why I think it is a solid bodybuilding program, but not necessarily optimal for powerlifting. Jonnie Candito's Linear Program In this installment of the powerlifting programming series, our analytical lens is focused upon Jonnie Candito's Linear Program. Candito's program is very, very solid I compete in the Great British Powerlifting Federation who are affiliated to the International Powerlifting Federation and drug test their athletes in accordance to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). You can compete in any federation you want to, but for this post I will be focusing on the GBPF as it is the federation I compete in, it is a.