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Everything You Love On eBay. Check Out Great Products On eBay. But Did You Check eBay? Find Black Side On eBay The black veins on the side of your tongue are called as lingual varicosties. These are abnornally dilated veins with a tortuous course. Normally it occurs on the under surface of tongue, hence they are also called sublingual varices. But in your case, its occurring on the lateral (side) aspect of tongue See your dentist : It may be due to pigmentation from a foreign body, such as silver filling from the tooth. It can be a superficial vein that appears to be dark blue or even black. It may be pigmentation especially if you have dark complexion. It could be something more serious like melanoma, a type of cancer Veins under tongue: It is normal to have darkened looking veins under the tongue. Veins are carrying blood without oxygen, which gives the dark color. However it is alw..

Tongue veins: It is normal to have veins under the tongue and just like veins in other parts of the body they can change in size. Usually veins in this area are no.. Caviar tongue is a condition recognized by purplish veins located on the ventral side of the tongue. Veins are normally visible underneath (ventrally) the tongue since the mucous membrane is so thin and translucent. However, with caviar tongue, the blood vessels become dilated and tortuous and appear round and black (resembling caviar). Black spots on the tongue can often be the result of a fungal infection. The black spots will appear almost like mold forming on the tongue. 3 Squamous cells are thin, flat cells that are present on the surface of the skin and the tongue, in the lining of the digestive and respiratory tracts, and in the lining of the mouth, throat,..

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Normally, the under tongue veins will tend to be dark purple or dark blue or black purple if there is less blood flowing to this area. This problem can affect anyone including babies and adults. However, large purple veins under tongue i.e. veins that are thick, visible and looking swollen, it could be varicose vein problem There is some degree of varicosity in evidence in the veins in the right floor of your mouth adjacent to the lingual frenum (the 3 black arrows on the left side in the photograph), and this is likewise a normal finding that has no health implications Alcohol Consumption and Smoking: Smoking as well as alcohol consumption may cause the appearance of black spots on the tip, side and under the tongue. People who smoke are more prone to oral cancer. Moreover, it also causes hyperpigmentation. The presence of black long papillae is found mostly among smokers Medications that contain bismuth, such as Pepto-Bismol, can cause tongue discoloration that may appear dark purple or black. It can also cause dark stools. This usually clears up on its own within..

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  1. The deep lingual vein which starts at the apex of the tongue is visible on the inferior side of the tongue on either side of the lingual frenulum. The deep lingual vein may drain into the sublingual vein. The dorsal and sublingual veins in turn empty into inferior jugular vein
  2. Telangiectasia, also known as spider veins, is a benign skin condition. Learn more about how it can be treated
  3. Your tongue tells a story about your body and your health. Chances are you haven't looked at the underside of your tongue lately. In this video, you will lea..
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The vena comitans of the hypoglossal nerve (ranine vein), a branch of considerable size, begins below the tip of the tongue, and may join the lingual; generally, however, it passes backward on the hyoglossus, and joins the common facial Black spots on tongue can affect your infant or toddler. A baby tongue can develop strange dark dots or patches. They can appear on a very tip of the baby's tongue, on side of the tongue or at the back of the tongue. These spots can take various dark colors depending on the causes. They can appear as brown, dark, black or blue spots on baby. 3. Hairy Black Tongue. The most common causes are black spots of fur on the tongue. The fur are located on the tongue, at the pink side. This Conditions is harmless. Cause. Excessive use of antibiotics, currently in a period of soft diet, conditions of poor oral hygiene, drinking alcoholic beverages; smoke; are things that can cause black. Larger veins under pressure are best removed surgically, either as an office procedure or an outpatient hospital procedure, says Dr. Anton. The veins are removed through small incisions in the skin

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under both sides of tongue as well as enlarged veins under tongue . Tongue is only slightly swollenI have 6 day history of sore upper throat (only when swallowing), sore back and sides of tongue. Blue-black discoloration and enlarged veins under tongue, swollen and sore tongue. Taken Amoxicillin for UTI. Concerned. (even when not swallowing) , and occasional dry cough . Today I noticed blueish black discolouration under both sides of tongue as well as enlarged veins under tongue. Tongue is only slightly... View answer The veins on the underneath of my tongue , are typically a pale color, normal looking. as I was brushing my teeth now, I lifted my tongue and they are very dark , look almost black and very wide. Don.

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I have two dark purple veins on each side of the back of my tongue that seem a little swollen. I have very dry mouth and feels like i have something rubbing my throat (those veins). I have very dry mouth and feels like i have something rubbing my throat (those veins) Tongue Diagnosis Tongue diagnosis is part of diagnosis by looking in Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be a useful indicator as can the sublingual veins seen on the underside of the tongue when it's curled up. See the accompanying charts for the diagnostic indications for each of the above. Grey/Black coat And wet indicates. Ann ~ Age 50 ~ Stage IV Tongue Cancer ~ Non Smoker. ANN from Maryland. Symptoms: Non-healing ulcer on lateral tongue, pain in tongue, swollen tongue and eventually a lump in neck. Treatment: Free flap reconstruction of tongue (after whole tongue removed), radical neck dissection, radiation and chemo. Delay: 7 months

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Often varicosities (veins) beneath the tongue can appear very dark or sometimes even almost black. Generally these would appear bilaterally, on both sides of the tongue. Generally oral cancer symptoms appear on one side of the mouth, not both Most likely, a yellow tongue is the start of the gradual development of a disease and the color changes to brown and then black. Poor dental hygiene, smoking and certain medications can cause this to occur. Purple: A purple tongue indicates blood stasis which may be a sign of heart complications. If you are not pumping blood in the regular way. Black tongue is a temporary and harmless condition in which the tongue appears to be covered in hair. In this article, learn about the causes of black tongue, as well as how to treat and prevent it

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Hi am also having the same problem and by tongue is also white at the back and taste buds the back of the tongue are also swollen. I have been having these symtoms for last 11 months now and i have had 7 hiv tests till 10 months of my exposure but couldn't find anything and also i had Hep B,C tests post 6 months of exposure The right side is thought to be more associated with the Gallbladder and the left side is associated with the Liver, but most folks just say Liver and Gallbladder. So that's the most common use. Another easier way is to say that the back of the tongue is the Lower Jiao, the middle of the tongue is the Middle Jiao and the front of the tongue. Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Giovanni Maciocia 2021-02-10T08:19:18-08:00. An essential tool in Chinese medicine, the Tongue nearly always shows the true condition of the patient. It is particularly useful in complex, chronic conditions manifesting with contradicting symptoms and signs

Salivary glands are all situated around the mouth. They produce saliva or spit, and can cause problems when they become inflamed, infected or blocked. The picture accompanying Randomer's post certainly looks like a swelling of the sublingual gland or of the submandibular duct, that the sublingual gland and another saliva gland - the submandibular gland - drain into Usually the blister on the tongue is a tiny red bump either on the surface of the tongue or any other side of tongue-back, under and or sides. Your tongue should be pink always moist and some texture on it. A slight change of color and texture indicates your health is at risk. The tongue often shows the general health condition of a person ok so i have been looking around the internet all day and i cant find anything. I have two veins under my tongue the left one is swollen and turning a very dark purple and is making it hard to eat and talk with out pain. i just woke up with it two days ago

Mouth and throat cancers are cancers that originate on the lips, the roof, sides, or floor of the mouth, tongue, tonsils, or back of the throat. Mouth and throat cancers may look like open sores, growths, or discolored areas in the mouth. Doctors do biopsies to diagnose mouth and throat cancers. Imaging tests, such as computed tomography. Your tongue is one of the first places a vitamin B12 deficiency appears. The vitamin is essential for creating healthy red blood cells, and subpar levels can lead to anemia. With that disease. Sometimes the cluster of black spots at the back of your tongue can resemble black hairs and is called a black hairy tongue. Other times the black or dark tongue spot could be due to a tongue injury that causes a blood blister to appear. Hyperpigmentation of the tongue is a side effect of some medications and can cause dark patches on your tongue Cancer of the mouth and throat includes the lips, cheeks, neck, and tongue. Signs and symptoms of throat/mouth cancer include swollen jaw, hoarseness, and an earache. About 50%-90% of oropharnyx squamous cell carcinomas are caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus infection). HPV is an STD. A cure for mouth and throat cancer depend on the stage, location, and health of the infected person The condition of having black spots on the tongue is also at times known by the name hairy tongue. It entails having small or tiny black dots on different parts of your tongue. These parts may include the tip of your tongue, sides, back, under, or the entire surface of your tongue

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An enlarged tongue with wavy edges is one of the signs of sleep apnea.You could also try one of my 7 ways to stop snoring naturally if your sleep disorder is affecting your partner.. Mineral or vitamin deficiency. Tongue swelling with ridges on the sides could indicate a mineral or vitamin deficiency.For example, a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause your tongue to swell, make it look very red. Inflamed papillae can sometimes cause small, painful bumps on the top surface or upper sides of your tongue. Tongue sores are usually caused by trauma, physical injury, bacterial or viral infections, vitamin deficiencies and tonsillitis. If sores are large, painful, or persistent, it is best to consult a doctor Trusted Source. : an injury or damage to the tissue underneath the tongue. exposure to spicy, acidic, or dairy foods. hormonal changes, such as those during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause. Swollen veins of the underside of the tongue and swollen inside of the lips along with chapped lips. By kim94xx120253 The Truth About Black Hairy Tongue: One Scary Health Condition You Really Don't Want White bump side of tongue - PAINFUL. View mor

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  1. Black spots on tongue may be small or medium in size at their beginning, and dark in color. They could cover a large area of your tongue, or just a bit of the surface. They may be on the underside of your tongue or on its tip. Children and adults can both get these tongue spots. Their intensity varies, from lighter to gray to black
  2. Hairy tongue can be black in color. But your tongue can also go dark after you take an antacid with an ingredient called bismuth. For some people, it stains the tongue black when it mixes with saliva
  3. There are many different causes of a bleeding tongue, including ulcers, bacteria, and viruses. Treatments are available for most conditions, and home remedies can improve others. However, some.
  4. e 37.5 cheap indication due to the possibility of a tumor impinging a cranial nerve. Engorged Sublingual Veins: Qi and/or Blood.
  5. Bumps which look like 'flaps' under your tongue along the V shape vein is normal. If he had oral HPV, gave you oral sex, then you would only have the virus in your genitals. You would need to give him oral sex to get the virus in your mouth. there are usually 2 noticeable veins that run down the underside of the tongue. on one of my veins at.
  6. Some of the first signs of tongue cancer often include a painful lump or sore on the side of the tongue that may bleed easily and resist healing. Mouth or tongue pain is also a common symptom. Other painful symptoms include: Persistent jaw pain. Difficulty speaking, chewing or swallowing

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Black spots on tongue caused due to hyper pigmentation can be removed via laser surgery or other kinds of cosmetic surgery. Patients may also remove excess pigmentation and/or decrease the production of melanin via use of OTC products with ingredients like hydroquinone, arbutrne, soy milk, cucumber, kojic acid, calcium, or azelaic acid.. If your tongue is black and hairy. Much like hair, the papillae on your tongue grow throughout your lifetime. In some people, they become excessively long, which makes them more likely to harbor.

They may be red or white in appearance, and even yellow or black, depending on what caused them. These pimples are like facial or body acne or zits, in that they can affect many areas of the tongue. This includes the back, side, tip, underside, top or entire tongue. These pimples may be tiny, mid-sized or large, and may give you pain or not there are usually 2 noticeable veins that run down the underside of the tongue. on one of my veins at the tip of the vein, i noticed a small red bump/flap. it lay flat down but you could raise the flap up. It is not painful when i don't move my tongue or touch the bump/flap. but when i do touch of move it, it is very painful. i'm only 15 so do. Thyroid Gland Veins Salivary Glands Saphenous Vein Portal Vein Mammary Glands, Animal Submandibular Gland Exocrine Glands Femoral Vein Pulmonary Veins Jugular Veins Parotid Gland Ultimobranchial Body Adrenal Glands Sweat Glands Parathyroid Glands Sebaceous Glands Sublingual Gland Mesenteric Veins Renal Veins Umbilical Veins Iliac Vein Harderian. The superficial veins of the penis and the larger veins under the tongue always have a dark blue color. Veins can be abnormally blue if the oxygen level in the blood is low--perhaps from cardiac disorders, so, if you're concerned, you should see a doctor for evaluation

The lingual veins are relatively superficial and can be appreciated on either side of the lingual frenulum. Lateral to the lingual veins are pleated folds of mucosa known as the plica fimbriata . They are angled anteromedially toward the apex of the tongue SPIKY TONGUE Tip ± Heart/Lung Side ± Liver/Gallbladder Center ± Stomach/Intestine &RS\ULJKW &K L¶V(QWHUSULVH ,Q F Roadmap-like Tongue Younger People: Protruding blue veins and/or red/black spots underneath the tongue. Sometimes there is a metallic taste. Cardiovascular Symptoms &RS\ULJKW &K L¶V(QWHUSULVH ,Q

A healthy tongue has a thin transparent or white coating. It displays all taste buds and is free from red or glassy patches, deep cuts and denuded patches. It is neither too dry nor too wet. Doesn't emit a bad odor or taste. The veins on the underside of the tongue will not be distended. If your tongue looks like a map of the world don't worry In a 2014 study in the Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, participants with iron deficiency anemia experienced a host of oral symptoms compared to a control group of age- and sex-matched healthy adults.The top five oral symptoms were a burning sensation in the lining of the mouth, inflamed purplish veins on the underside of the tongue, dry mouth, inflamed swollen tissues and sores. Black hairy tongue. The tongue is covered with tiny little bumps called papillae. In some people these become overgrown so it gives the appearance the tongue is wearing a fur coat. Why it's. The patient's tongue two months post treatment is on the left. Click on Pictures to Enlarge. A third patient with a hairy tongue on the posterior midline portion of the tongue. The patient was a non-smoker and was treated with brushing his tongue three times a day and a two week course of a topical antifungal medication, Nystatin These usually results in bulging veins on side of head, neck and face; however, you can find them in other body parts, too. Pregnancy. Pregnancy causes an increased volume of blood in women but decreased flow of blood from legs to the pelvis. Pressure on the veins increases and it becomes tough to push the blood back to the heart promptly

In EM, the sides of the tongue correlate with the liver system. When it comes to finding clues to how balanced and healthy the liver system is, the following indications on the tongue could point to an imbalance: Teeth marks on the side of the tongue - Side teeth marks are fairly common and typically relate to damp retention in the body. Tongue Ulcer Symptoms. Severe deficits of vitamin C, as in scurvy, cause tongue ulcers. The lips, inside of the cheeks and throat also develop painful ulceration, according to Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. Scurvy ulcers may bleed or be covered by a thick grey membrane

There are two large veins under the tongue, so I think yeah, it could give you one of those scary looking blue/black bruises. The tongue heals quickly, if it doesn't start improving in a few days, see your GP or go to a medi-clinic A black tongue is usually associated with elongated tongue papillae and thus, it is called black hairy tongue (lingua villosa nigra). The cause is thought to be a change in the normal bacteria in the mouth after antibiotic treatment or use of products that contain bismuth such as Pepto-Bismol

Caviar tongue - the veins underneath the tongue can become dilated and prominent, Oral cancer on the side of the tongue. The sides (lateral) and undersurface Black hairy tongue - some factors thought to cause black hairy tongue are environmental, such as eating a soft diet, poor oral hygiene,. hostility. irritability. muscle twitching. pain or discomfort in the chest, upper stomach, or throat. rapid weight gain. stupor. swelling of the ankles or hands. unusual drowsiness, dullness, tiredness, weakness, or feeling of sluggishness. Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention It causes tiny black spots on tongue including the tip, side, center, back and under. Excessive smoking, alcohol consumption and intake of antibiotics are major causes of this condition. It therefore causes the tongue to get infected by fungus that is also another cause of dark patches on your tongue

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tongue discoloration tooth discoloration trouble sleeping weight loss Other side effects not listed may also occur in some patients. If you notice any other effects, check with your healthcare professional. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. Precaution Observation of the tongue, also known as tongue diagnosis, is an important procedure in TCM examination. It includes observing the tongue and any coating it may have. The tongue body refers to the muscular tissue of the tongue. The tongue coating (fur) refers to a layer of moss over the tongue surface, which is produced by the stomach qi Symptoms of Bumps on Tongue. Partial or complete loss of taste. Swelling of the tongue. Change in the color of the tongue, appearance of black, white, brown or bright pink patches on the tongue. Burning sensation in certain spots or all over the tongue. Pain in certain spots or all over the tongue

Bruises, or contusions, cause skin discoloration, swelling and tenderness. A hematoma is a collection of blood in the tissue outside of a damaged blood vessel, usually after an injury. A thermal burn of the mouth or tongue can cause pain, blisters, peeling skin, and temporary loss of taste. A drug allergy is an allergic reaction to a medication. Black dots on the tongue could also appear due to a harmless condition called black hairy tongue. According to The Mayo Clinic, this condition happens when a buildup of dead skin cells on the papillae on the surface of the tongue don't shed normally. The result is a tongue that has a black furry appearance

Picture of Tongue Varices / Varicose Veins of Tongue. PICTURES. GEOGRAPHIC TONGUE. SCROTAL (FISSURED) TONGUE. BLACK HAIRY TONGUE. FIBROMA OF LIP & ORAL MUCOSA. HYPERKERATOSIS OF TONGUE. ORAL CAVITY LESIONS The underside of the tongue is covered with a thin, transparent mucous membrane through which one can see the underlying veins. The lingual frenulum is a large midline fold of mucosa that passes from the tongue side of the gums (or gingiva) to the lower surface of the tongue How a Tongue Exam Can Assess Health. In TCM, it's thought that different areas of the tongue reflect the health of five corresponding organ systems: liver, lung, spleen, heart, and kidney. 1 . TCM is based on the theory that all of the body's organs mutually support each other and that - in order to achieve optimal health - an individual.

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  1. ent superficial veins over affected area tremor ulcers on the lips or in the mouth unusual tiredness or weakness vision changes weakness or heaviness of the legs white patches in the mouth or on the tongue yellow skin and eyes Less common
  2. dilated neck veins increased thirst irregular breathing large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs loss of appetite low blood pressure lower back or side pain nausea paleness or cold feeling in the fingertips and toes sweating swelling of the face, fingers, feet, or lower leg
  3. Thuja occ. (Thrice a day): A Cyst under the tongue (ranula). White painful blisters close to the root of the tongue. Biting of the tongue. Veratrum vir. (Thrice a day): Red streak in the middle. Viburnum prun. (Thrice a day): Cancer of the tongue. NOTE: Black color of the tongue denotes glossophagia. In dysentery, it indicates2x - 30 (Thrice.
  4. the jugular veins (preventing deoxygenated blood from exiting the brain), and closing off the airway, making breathing impossible. Very little pressure on both the carotid arteries and/or veins for ten seconds is necessary to cause unconsciousness. However, if the pressure is immediately released, consciousness will be regained within ten seconds
  5. A tongue piercing could lead to a bruising under the tongue. This could be as a result of the swelling experienced after the process. It causes the tongue to easily rub against the teeth which could cause some bruising. At times the oral ring could also pull along tissue on the tongue. This will in turn lead to bruising
  6. ate directly or indirectly into internal jugular veins 13

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Hi, My problem has been a medical mystery to my GP, ENT and any Dr. that I have seen. 2 yrs. ago, I woke up at 4 am and felt a tickle in the back of my throat. I made the mistake of gargling with Listerine. The whole left side of my tongue and throat instantly became swollen to the point that I could not really swallow weakness in the arm or leg on one side of the body, sudden and severe weight gain or loss white patches in the mouth or throat or on the tongue white patches with diaper rash yellow eyes or skin Incidence not known. Chest discomfort, tightness, or heaviness dilated neck veins dizziness extreme fatigue irregular breathin

Leukoplakia, or white and gray patches inside the mouth, may be caused by irritation. Or, the condition may be a sign of oral cancer. Learn more from WebMD about how leukoplakia is treated Tongue cancer; Tongue cancer is a type of head and neck cancer that affects the tongue. It usually starts as a bump or red spots that develops on one part of the tongue. When not treated early, it spreads to the surrounding areas to cause swelling. Swelling on the tongue that are associated with cancer are persistent Tongue swelling can be caused by a number of conditions. Swelling under the tongue or one side of the tongue can be due to ulcers inside the mouth or a serious condition such as tongue or oral cancer. Swelling of the tongue is a serious condition in which the entire tongue or a portion of your tongue enlarges or becomes bloated. In this topic, we cover the possible causes of the swelling. Transient flushing is also a common side effect of alcohol, particularly in heavy drinkers. It is due to acetaldehyde, the main breakdown product of alcohol. within the venous system in the liver leads to high pressure in the venous system elsewhere in the body including the veins around the umbilicus Black hairy tongue. Parotid swelling

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  1. Acting bilaterally, they depress the central part of the tongue, making it concave from side to side. Acting unilaterally, the tongue diverges to opposite side Protrude the apex 17. It is thin and quadrilateral. It arises from the whole length of the greater cornu and the front of the body of the hyoid bone
  2. ate directly or indirectly into internalinternal jugular veinsjugular veins
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  4. Geographic tongue is a harmless, benign (condition non-cancerous). This condition is also called benign migratory glossitis or erythema migrans. Geographic tongue develops when sections of the tongue lose papillae. Papillae are small bumps that constitute the outermost layer that covers the entire upper side of the tongue

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  1. Finally, the red tongue spots might be bumpy (raised above tongue surface) or flat and they can be located on any part of the tongue including the tip of the tongue, side of the tongue, back of the tongue, under the tongue or even on the entire tongue surface. In some instances, the red spots can also be on the tongue and roof of mouth, on gums.
  2. Causes of black hairy tongue. Though troubling in appearance, a black, hairy tongue is typically nothing serious. It comes from an overgrowth of bacteria, dead cells and other debris that get.
  3. Motion sickness is a feeling of queasiness or nausea caused by moving in a car, bus, boat, or plane. Intestinal ileus is a condition of the intestinal muscles causing cramps and bloating, vomiting, gas, and more. A thermal burn of the mouth or tongue can cause pain, blisters, peeling skin, and temporary loss of taste
  4. Fatigue and Swollen tongue. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms fatigue and swollen tongue including Dehydration (Children), Medication reaction or side-effect, and Multiple sclerosis. There are 79 conditions associated with fatigue and swollen tongue
  5. Bumps on side of tongue. Bumps found on the back of your tongue with soreness and pain can be symptomatic of oral cancer. They are generally white or red and will often bleed. If you have this disease, you will have difficulty in chewing or swallowing, because of pain. Burning mouth syndrome and mouth ulcers are also signs of oral cancer
  6. The tongue experiences a bump filled with blood instead of a transparent fluid commonly noticed in a blister. Usually the blister on the tongue is a tiny red bump either on the surface of the tongue or any other side of tongue-back, under and or sides. Your tongue should be pink always moist and some texture on it
  7. 4. Neuropathy. Another known and common complaint. Some agents can affect the delicate nerves, tingling, loss of feeling, burning, prickles, etc particularly in the feet, toes, fingers and even the tip of the tongue
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Inflammation can happen on the sides of the tongue, the tip of the tongue, on the back of the tongue, or even throughout the tongue. Because sores on tongue or even painful lesions on the tongue might have a wide variety of causes, treatment and the outlook depend upon the particular condition that is very responsible Veins under the tongue may become irritated and swollen due to exposure to cold and heat. Canker sores under the tongue can result in swelling of glandular tissue situated under the tongue. Natural Treatment Options. Before beginning the treatment an attempt should be made to find the cause. Moreover, addressing the cause will reduce the swelling 2. How to use saline solution to get rid of tongue sore on tip, back and sides of tongue. Gargling with saline water is one of the simple remedies you can try to get rid of painful red or white sores under the tongue. For blisters and fluid-filled bumps inside the mouth, this remedy works by drawing out the fluid